Monday, June 4, 2012

A Letter To Ethan

Issues and stresses have gone on with my boys from time to time.  I think mainly issues of growing up have hit my four boys.  I have decided I will occasionally write a letter to them through out the time I blog.
Dear Ethan,
You have been my child that has always wanted to be near his mother.  You have been my snuggle bug.
You have played with your big brothers when you were the youngest, but had difficulties or lack of desire of wanting to play with others or friends.  .
You have a kind heart and you are a very sensitive person.  You have a special touch and heart when it comes to babies and small children.  You have such a special relationship with your nephew.  I love watching how you are when you are with babies and small children.  You just have to remember this when you deal with your younger brother.  I think having your own bedroom or a place where the two of you can call your own has done wonders with your relationship.  I think you both needed this. I have enjoyed the past few weeks watching the two of you spending time with one another and enjoying your time with one another.  This is the way family should be. 
I am proud of what you have the young man you are growing into.  Keep being honest as you are and remember to hug your Mom and kiss her every now and then because I have had that for so long in my life from you, you are never too old to hug and kiss your Mom.
 Here are some things I want to highlight for you:
  • Patience is Golden
  • Things will always get better.  Keep working hard and NEVER give up
  • Family is everything.
  • Stay on task, work first then pleasure.
  • Everyone has to work to get what they want.  If it is just given to them, they will not appreciate it.
  • Always know your Mother loves you.

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