Monday, June 4, 2012

A Letter to Matthew

Issues and stresses have gone on with my boys from time to time.  I think mainly issues of growing up have hit my four boys.  I have decided I will occasionally write a letter to them through out the time I blog.

Dear Matthew,
Yes, you are my oldest child and you have done a wonderful job watching out for your brothers.  You have taken on more than I have ever asked of you.  You took on the responsibilities where your father fell short for so many years during your teen years.  I am sorry you did this.  Your relationship with your brothers should be that...brotherly, not you stepping in as a father.  Please always remember that.
 You broke our hearts, mostly mine, when you left the family the first two years of your college life.  However, I am thrilled you realized how much family is and am very proud how you came back and told those who you needed to that you were sorry.
You have a kind heart and you are a romantic.  Please remember that even if you do not have a girl in your life at this time.  The fact you have no girl will not make you less romantic once you have one.  Hold onto your heart until you find the right one.  I know how hurt you were when Dani broke it off after being with her 4 years.  It broke my heart watching you spiral down the path you did.
I am proud that you are on the correct path for your goals.  Remember your goals and what you have been taught... work before play.  I know you will go far in life but remember your roots.
 Here are some things I want to highlight for you:
  • Patience is Golden
  • Things will always get better.  Keep working hard and NEVER give up
  • Family is everything.
  • Always know your Mother loves you.

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