Monday, June 4, 2012

A Letter To Noah

Issues and stresses have gone on with my boys from time to time.  I think mainly issues of growing up have hit my four boys.  I have decided I will occasionally write a letter to them through out the time I blog.
Dear Noah,
You are my youngest who always has acted as if he is as old as his brothers.  I know it  has been hard on you watching others do things and wanting to do it with them.  Patience young grasshopper, you will have your day.  They had to wait too.
I know your family means everything to you and you seem to get the brunt often from the older brothers but I have confidence in you and know you can stand up to them when needed..
You have struggled so much with family moving on, fearing they will be like your father and break promises to you and rarely see you.  My heart breaks the most for you.  Please remember, not everyone does this.  Have faith in Joshua and Matthew, they will be here for you as well as Ethan and I.  You wait and see. 
I am proud of how much you have grown this year. You are truly trying to work on issues we have discussed.  I am proud of this as well..
 Here are some things I want to highlight for you:
  • Patience is Golden
  • Things will always get better.  Keep working hard and NEVER give up
  • Family is everything.
  • Stay on task, work first then pleasure.
  • Everyone has to work to get what they want.  If it is just given to them, they will not appreciate it.
  • Always know your Mother loves you.

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