Thursday, June 14, 2012

Look Who Turned One

I can not believe it has been one year already.  This first year of Taj has just flown by.  Kera wanted a jungle theme for his birthday.  I showed her several things off of Pinterest and she told me what she liked and wanted me to do.  We rented the same shelter house I rented a year ago for Joshua's Graduation Party.  This is very close to our home and since I knew I would be doing a lot for this party, it only made sense. We prayed for no rain and got exactly that.  The temperatures were in the 90's however the wind kept us cool.  UNFORTUNATELY there was too much wind.  I could not decorate the false ceiling in the shelter like I had planed.  I was rather disappointed.  The cut out animals I made with their stands did not stay up.  My signs for the cakes did not stand up, so I had to put something small yet heavy in the holder to keep them from blowing away.  The only decoration that stayed up was our birthday banner that I had to use push pins with just about each letter.
We ordered the cake several months prior.  One of my co-workers made it.  She and her sister have a bakery and they did an outstanding job.

Kera had invited nearly 28 people and we feared there would not be enough cake, therefore we came up with the idea to bake cupcakes as well.  Kera did not want just the monkey so we made lions and tigers as well.  I decorated the Lions and one Tiger for Kera to use as a template for the other Tigers.
I made chocolate cupcakes

and confetti cupcake both types were placed on cupcake stands that I made for the party.

I made signs for our drinks as well, labels on the lemonade, water, and the punch container.
I wrapped the plastic ware in the napkin and made napkin rings out of giraffe print ribbon.
Everyone had a good time.
Taj tried to help Grandpa with the grilling.  He is such a Grandpa's boy.
He made a new friend.
His family enjoyed one another, some looked a little bored every now and then as well.
He ran around everywhere.
He went down some slides with his uncles.

He loved giving loving to his aunt.
Matthew even watched one of the soccer matches.
It came time to eat and boy does Taj love to eat.
However, his Mom made him sit too long in his chair and he was tired
 and did not want anything to do with his cake.
I mean NOTHING to do with his cake.
He even refused to eat it.
However he was perfectly fine to share with Grandpa...
...and Ethan.
After cake, it was finally time for presents.
This was one of the items we picked up for him.  A soft rocking horse.  The horse even talks and sings.
I still can not believe he is actually one!  He is growing up so fast.

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  1. How incredibly sweet! You are just so talented, patient and loving. I'm thrilled that your day went well. It's clear that this little man makes a huge difference in all your lives.

    I'm also impressed at the amount of work you put into his party. It's impressive, and the decorations were amazing. :) Talented and loving! Quite a combination.


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