Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Free Get Away Weekends

I am very lucky to have a wonderful Mother-In-Law.  Seriously, I do not think I could have asked for a better one.  She has accepted me right from the start and treats my boys as one of her biological children.  This is so refreshing to have a MIL who actually treats me well and my children.  My boys like her as well and treat her with respect, I am so proud of this.  It makes me feel wonderful to see my children engage in the manner I have brought them up.

My MIL always treats Todd and I with a special gift.  Every now and then, upon our request, she will get a suite at the Isle of Capri in Bettendorf, Iowa.  Most of the time we have a theme room suite in the South Tower.  These rooms are great and have a wonderful jacuzzi tub.  When we do get a room, she will also treat us to dinner that night.  When Todd and I married one another, we never had a honeymoon directly after our wedding.  We chose to get married during our standard vacation time, this way we will always have our anniversary off.  It is also when we have our family vacation and 2008 was not an exception.  The very next day after our wedding we packed the children up with us and went on vacation for 4 days.  A couple of days later, our MIL surprised us with a room for a couple of days and what a room it was.  It was the presidential suite.  It was like a small apartment, very relaxing and a nice little get away.

Occasionally we will have a room in the North Tower.  It is the newer hotel and although they are beautiful we did not enjoy them at first because they did not have any refrigerators.  They do not have the jacuzzi tub but they have a beautiful soaking tub which is heaven to us as well.  The television screens are better in the new hotel as well and they have a television in the bathroom so you can watch television while you are soaking.

This past weekend, my husband requested a room for us and as usual, his mother came through.  We were in the new hotel and I just had to share pictures of this room so you can see why we love these get always.

 I did not do a very good job with this photo...sorry it is blurry
I absolutely loved this end table.
A small bathroom off of the sitting area
There was a double door separating the two rooms.
 The main bathroom... tub with built in television.  
Only thing I would do differently is have the knob that
 turns the water on closer to the tub.

 I love sinks like this!
 Shower on the left, toilet area on the right.
 I took a picture of the sleep area after we napped on the bed.

The bathrooms are to die for in my opinion.  The shower is large and we both could shower together with a lot of extra space if we wanted to.  I did not take advantage of the soaking tub because my knee was acting up and I could not raise my foot high enough to step into the tub without pain.

Most of the time when we go, we do not go to the Casino.  We watch movies or just read a book and relax.  Our only cost is the gas for the 1 hour drive one way.  Thank you Mother-In-Law for the wonderful get away weekends you give us.  They are exactly what we need to refresh ourselves.  (By the way- we do take the kids once in awhile too, this way they can have a little get away as well.)

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