Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pink and Black Angel

I made this angel for one of the swaps I participated with.
This angel is just a little different from the one I made years ago.

Materials needed:
1 wooden candle holder
1 wooden ball
1 piece of white foam
Zebra print wrapping paper
Black ribbon
Gorilla Glue
Modge Podge
Pink Paint
1 small grape vine wreath
Empty Cereal Box or some sort of cardboard to use as a template.

1.  Cut a heart the size you want your wings to be on the cardboard as a template.
I think empty cereal boxes are perfect for this.
2.Trace your template on the white foam and twice on the wrapping paper.
3.  Modge Podge the wrapping paper to the front side of the white foam heart.

4.  Once dried, repeat the process to the back side of the white foam heart.
5.  Paint the wooden candle holder and wooden ball.
6.  Once dried, glue the wooden ball onto the candle holder.
7.  Add black ribbon around the section where the ball and the candle holder are joined together.
Tie into a bow.  I added a little black flower I had left over from my L O V E letters project.
8.  Glue the grape vine wreath on top of the ball, making a halo.


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