Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Safari Style Dessert Stand

I wanted to make a cupcake holder for Taj's birthday but I did not want to make another dessert stand that would be a permanent one like I did with my first stand.
I also wanted one that would be durable for many little hands grabbing cupcakes.

  • I found 4 plastic plates, they were on clearance for $0.40 each. 
  • I then used 2 clean large empty cans of baked beans.
  • Mod Podge
  • Zebra wrapping paper.
  • Duct Tape
  1. My plates had a picture on the center, it was a record and a jukebox, NOT very Safari at all.  I took a bowl, the exact same size of the center picture and used it as a circle template on the zebra wrapping paper.  
  2. I then cut 4 circles, one for each plate and I used Mod Podge to add the circles to the center of each plate.  Add the Mod Podge to the surface you want your paper, then add to the back of your paper.  Add the paper to the surface and another layer of the Mod Podge on top making sure no wripples in your paper.  
  3. Next I cut more zebra wrapping paper to wrap my cans.  I used Mod Podge to add the paper to the cans.
  4. Once we were at the park, I took my Duct tape and added to strips to the inside of my can, leaving about an inch to 1 1/2 inches of tape hanging from the inside of the can.  I then folded the tape to go towards the center of the can, leaving the sticky side down to attach to the center of one of the plates.
  5. I then rolled another strip of duct tape (2 of these) with the sticky side out and added it to the top of can which has been taped to one plate already.  
  6. After the tape has been added attach another plate.
Now my dessert stand is complete and I can take it apart and store for another party and decorate with a new theme.

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  1. well, I am blown away by your cleverness in doing stuff and look forward to seeing you achieve more.. I think you are a very clever and intelligent lady and I love that I found your blog again...hugs from the UK


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