Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tackle It Tuesday- Lion and Tiger Cupcakes

Taj's birthday was last week.  His 1st Birthday.  Kera wanted a Safari theme and we feared we were not going to have enough cake so we made some cupcakes as well.  I searched Pinterest for ideas and found some adorable lion and tiger cupcakes.  She loved them so I tackled making them with Kera's help.

Here is how I made them.  I picked up cake mix and baked according to directions.  I also used pre-made frosting and just added food coloring.  

Lion Cupcake
  • Frost the entire cupcake with orange frosting.
  • Original recipe states to border the cupcakes with Carmel popcorn however I feared Taj might choke on some popcorn so I used Carmel puffs.  
  • After the lion's mane is in place, add a small amount of yellow frosting near the bottom where the lion nose and mouth would be.  
  • Add two Cheerios near the top for the ears.
  • Add 3 small baking chips - 2 for eyes and 1 for the nose
  • Take two pretzel sticks and break in half.  Add for the whiskers of the Lion.
Tiger Cupcake
  •  Frost the entire cupcake with orange frosting.
  • Original recipe the ears of the Tiger was a black gum drop (not sugar coated) cut in half.  I used orange jelly belly.  
  • Towards the bottom of the cupcake add the yellow frosting where the tiger's nose and mouth would be.
  • Add 3 small baking chips- 2 for eyes and 1 for the nose.
  • Black chocolate frosting in a can, add the Tiger's stripes.  
I made one Tiger Cupcake as a template for Kera and she decorated the remaining 23 cupcakes while I decorated the 24 Lion Cupcakes.

Everyone loved them, however do not add the goodies to the Lion Cupcakes more than 12 hours in advance.  The moisture from the frosting will make the Cheerios, pretzels, and Carmel puffs soggy.

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