Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy List


 This week's HAPPY LIST...

  • I really enjoyed our "trip" part of vacation.  The fact we went to Washington DC made me very HAPPY.  There is so much still we did not see.  The driving part kind of stunk but I was so HAPPY with the entire trip.  Yes, there were moments that were not great but overall  very HAPPY.  The ferry we went on was so wonderful.  I can not wait to find time to blog about it, it will have to wait until another day because I have so much laundry and canning to do now.
  • Our garden is like a jungle right now...plants growing everywhere.  They took advantage of the time we did not have to keep them tied.  We have a lot of tomatoes...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!
  • Today is Todd's birthday.  Any time celebrating him makes me HAPPY.  I have been very blessed that he is in my life.  
  • The fact I have most of this week off still for vacation makes me HAPPY.  Yesterday was washing clothing.  Today will be picking up the house.  I left with it clean but we had (okay I have) one son who stayed home (22 year old) and the place is a little messy.  So today will be picking up the house and enjoying time with my husband.  His mother will be coming over and we are going out for dinner to celebrate.  Another reason why I am picking up the house.
  • It rained Saturday night here.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!  We STILL need a lot more.  
  • The boys will start school on 8/16.  HAPPY...no more stupid game systems.  Seriously, I wish they never entered our house.
  • My sister Lisa, she has been on experimental medication for Hepatitis C.  Four years ago, two days before my wedding, my Mother told me the doctors are giving her 2 years to live because it was so bad.  Well, the experimental treatment was HELL but it worked.  She no longer has it at all!  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!  Now I am praying for good news tomorrow.  Dad has another CT Scan today to see how his cancer is progressing.  Tomorrow will be the results.
Well that is what I have to be happy about.  How about you?  Come join Mamarazzi's linky party.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday's Song ~ Wonderful Tonight

This week's Sunday Song is for my sweetheart.  We celebrated another anniversary on the 26th.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.  This is our song...


Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Confessional


It is that time of week again...confession time.

I confess...

Vacation is going well but day 2 I was very angry with my Mom.  She made me feel so horrible about my size.  She made 2 comments about how large I am and on the metro rail, she made a big deal about me sitting in the only seat (a tiny seat) next to a man.  I told her to take it but she kept making a big deal.

I confess...

It really really made me mad because an older lady sitting 2 rows behind said something to the woman next to her that it's awful because I do not want to sit there because of the black man next to the seat.  During the entire ride, she would look at me and roll her eyes.  I wanted to scream at her and my Mother that it has nothing to do with the color of anyone, I just could not fit in a tiny spot next to a bigger man.  There just was not enough room.

I confess...

The longer we were on the metro rail the angrier I was getting at my Mom, it just reminded me back when she and my father would make little remarks to me... I wasn't even fat then.  ERRRR

I confess...

Even though she angered me to the Nth degree, I do love her.

What do you have to confess about?  Come join Mamarazzi.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reflections ~ 4 Years Ago

Today is Our Anniversary, our 4th although we have been living with one another now for 7 1/2 years.  We are celebrating it in Rehoboth Beach, DE for most of the day on a family vacation with my sons, Ethan and Noah as well as my Mom.  Later we will be driving to Dover, DE and spending the night.  We have plans for my Mom to watch the boys at the hotel while we go out for dinner.  I hope it is some great seafood restaurant since we are on the East Coast.  I figure, we live in the Midwest so the seafood should be much better on the East Coast, since corn and pork is much better where I am from, makes sense to me.

The two of us never really had a honeymoon or even a honeymoon phase in our relationship.  We sort of just jumped in like "old married couples", I think mainly because we both had been married for 15 and 16 years to another person and had children from the previous marriage. We both had custody of our children making it a house suddenly of 6 children, 17 year old, 15 year old, 14 year old, 12 year old,  8 year old, and a 5 year old.  We had so many teens right from the start.  We have had a lot of trials with our children but I love we stand together and support one another.

He is still my prince charming and means the world to me.  I still feel very fortunate that he is my boys' step-father.  Here is my favorite wedding picture of the two of us.  You can just see how happy we truly are.

And of the family, our first Family picture.  A day everyone was happy.  The girls even cried.

Click here to read about last two years Reflections along with many more wedding pictures.

Happy Anniversary Todd, I love you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy List


My Happy List is going to be quick and short.  Sorry everyone, I will not have time to read your list until I get back home and get some sleep...next Sunday.  I have maybe 5 minutes to be able to post while someone is finishing his shower.

I am HAPPY we are here in Washington DC.  I love the history here, there is so much.  We walked so many miles yesterday.  I was tired by the end of the day and I am HAPPY I have only 1 blister compared to the end of the day when we went to Las Vegas and walked all day, and the 1 blister is not bleeding either.

I am HAPPY we are here in Washington DC yesterday.  The temperature was a bit warm and humid, temperature was 93 degrees but back in Iowa City it was 115 degrees.  Poor Iowa and the drought going on there.  Seriously, it is bad and it will only make it bad for everyone everywhere because of the corn being in bad shape.

I am HAPPY we made it here.  It was a bit scary in Illinois or Indiana we nearly hit a deer.  Todd did run over an already dead skunk that had a lot of it's stink still so the skunk smell is still on the car.  Ummm...not so HAPPY about that.  I wonder if it will be gone by the time we turn in the rented car on Saturday?

I am HAPPY with the pictures from yesterday and look forward to the rest of our vacation...now if we can only get my younger two to stop bickering it would be a perfect vacation.  Teen hormones are at a peek with them lately.

Well I need to post and get ready for the Smithsonian Museums today.  I will read everyone's HAPPY LIST later.

Oh one more real quick...I am HAPPY I have a new follower.  

What do you have to be happy about?  Come join Mamarazzi and share.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday's Song ~ Vacation

Today's song could be no other...

Today we are on the road to Washington DC.

Memories... when this song was out my friends and I would pretend we were the Go Go's.  We would be in one of their rooms, standing in front of her mirror each of us with a hair brush singing...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy List


Here is my Happy List for this week.

  • I am HAPPY I had a wonderful day with Taj on Sunday.  See my post prior for some what I think adorable pictures of the little guy.
  • I am HAPPY that tomorrow is my last work day until August 3rd.  I am so looking forward to vacation.  This year we have big plans for vacation.  Only my younger two will go with us and my Mother, but we plan on going to Washington DC, Rehoboth, DE, Dover, DE, then on to Cleveland, OH.  I am not sure if we will have access to the Internet, but I do have a couple of post that will be scheduled to post for me.
  • I am HAPPY our garden is still doing well, despite of the drought and new bugs we never had to deal with as well as black birds.  I have to say our garden makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.
  • I am HAPPY that my Mom with be going on vacation with us.  She so deserves time away.
It's a short list but that is what I have for now.

What do you have to be HAPPY about?  Come join the fun at Mamarazzi's Dandelion Wishes.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Dearest Taj

My Dearest Taj,
Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday.  I had a wonderful time with you.  I loved how you enjoyed your scrambled eggs and sang to me during breakfast.  You demanded to have your teeth brushed too. Although you brushed them with Mommy before you came over because you had a little toothpaste on your shirt, I did not see any harm with letting you win this battle.  You did just finish breakfast like a big boy.

After breakfast we played a little while and danced to the music of your toys.  

Then it was nap time and Grandma was happy to take a little nap in the morning with you.  I enjoyed how you snuggled up to Grandma while you were sleeping.  Your little hand would reach out every now and then to make sure I was still there.

You ate a great lunch and ran after the boys for a little while. 

After your uncles decided they wanted you out of their room we played some more.

and played

Until it was nap time. You were such a good boy and gave me no problems at all falling asleep.  While you slept I made cookies for you and the boys.  Once nap time was over I put your swimsuit on and we went outside to play for awhile.  Oh my child!  You love to be sprayed with the hose.

You were not a happy camper when I made us come in.  I am sorry little one but it was a 102 degrees and we were out long enough.  Once we were inside it was snack time.  You and your uncles enjoyed the cookies.  We then danced some more, read books.  You told me some story and chatted for nearly 40 minutes non-stop.  You loved to make me laugh so you would show off more for me.  When Grandpa came home from work, you threw yourself down and just giggled and giggled and yelled, "Dampa" which made Grandpa just smile.  It was his first time hearing you say it.  

You enjoyed dinner with us.  I think you enjoy eating with your uncles.  I swear you think you are big like them.  We all laughed at your little chatter and you loved the fact we were laughing.  The way you curl up your nose and laugh is so adorable.  

My sweet little Taj, my favorite part of our day was how you would come over and sit on my lap and give me the biggest hug and kiss without me asking.  I love you so much!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday's Song ~ You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Today I am babysitting Taj.  I have him the whole day.  Today's Sunday Song is how he made me feel right after breakfast. 

... and we did dance too!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy List


I was all HAPPY and could not wait to post, but then just a few moments ago, one of my son's just made me so angry I forgot most of my HAPPY moments I was going to post... so it may be small.

  • One thing I am HAPPY about is that I have only 6 more work days before I go on vacation.  I am so in need of this vacation, time away from work will be great.  I am feeling very over whelmed.  
  • I am HAPPY I am off of a verbal warning, there is a job I want to post for but fear doing this because every time I do post, I am put on a verbal warning...so here is my thought and will be my actions.  On the 17th I have my quarterly review.  I will feel her out, if she says I am doing a great job and how she is HAPPY with me not being on a verbal... I will post for it.  If she says, you know, you still need to watch this because I do not want to see you go back on verbal...I will not post for it.  I do not want to be close to anything for them to find to keep me from going any where.  I would rather be stuck in the position they want me to be in with no verbals and get a pay increase, instead of keep trying and then something all of a sudden pops up and keeps me from the interview.
  • I am HAPPY we are doing this challenge for weight loss.  My department has a total of 10 people doing a Git Fit/Biggest Loser challenge.  We each had to put $10, this means the winner will win $90 ($100), I do not think I am going to win because there are 3 of them doing this Extreme Body Shaping - Ferrell's Body thing for the 10 week of the challenge.  I can not work out like they can do to my knees...however I am HAPPY that they are giving me an incentive to stick with it.  I love how I am not alone and we all are supporting one another.  One gal sends out daily motivations, in the morning a true motivation about weight loss, the afternoon a funny about weight loss.  It really is a good thing.  
  • I am HAPPY to say I have lost 22 pounds since the beginning of the year.  
 What do you have to be HAPPY about this week? Come join in on the fun with Mamarazzi

Well that is all I can think of...now to go tell my son what I think of him setting his brother up for public humiliation all because he thinks it is funny.  *sigh*

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday's Song

Today's song is in honor of Ringo's 72nd Birthday (yesterday)
I had a hard time finding which version to link because several he was way out of tune.  Do you recognize the title?  Yep, that's what inspired my blog's name... because I get by with a little help from my friends.

I chose this one because I loved it was for his birthday and I loved the fact his son was on stage with him.

While I was searching for a song to add to facebook for his birthday I came across this song. I had never heard it before.  Ringo wrote it for George Harrison after he died.  I cried while I watched the video.  I actually love the song, Ringo does a nice job singing it... so here's an additional song for being a good guy.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oddest Dream Ever

I had the oddest dream the other night and no clue where it came from or why.  I do not even understand the message, just that it was the oddest dream I have had in ages.  I typically do not recall so many details but this one I did.

Todd and I were younger, maybe in our late 20's.  Our children were much younger too.  Everyone in the United States east of California.  (ha ha ha... okay, I said everyone!)  was kidnapped and placed in California.  We all had to trek to New York in order to save our lives.  Now, I am not exactly sure who did the snatching or what machine placed us there.  We just kind of teleported there.
They split up men and women as well as the children, all the male children were with the men and the female children were with the women.  There was some sort of random selection and those who were selected were taken to this very large rickety old hospital where they performed some sort of surgery on the people selected.  A device was implanted to the upper stomach area.  This device was in the shape of a dog bone.  Todd and I were both selected for these implanted devices.   I kind of reminded me of Iron Man's device is a way.

After everyone healed we were all gathered to this huge field with a stage at one end and giant screens on the side, this way everyone would be able to see and here what was going to be said. Todd and I found one another and we both had the children with us.  I guess we are true soul mates in my dream too since we were able to locate one another in the midst of a human ocean.  We both recognize that we were the only ones in our family with the implanted device and did not know what to make of it.  We knew not everyone had one and none of our children were selected.  Now, this part sort of my odd dream reminds me of the Hunger Games selection scene with the wacky lady speaking to the crowd.  She is explaining in order for us to survive we have to make it to New York, however this was not going to be an easy task.  We were going to be hunted at night.  During the day we all were safe because our predators would be sleeping.  She then explained what the implanted devices were, it was a type of protection barrier, those who wore them were safe as long as the bone glowed.  It only had a certain amount of life expectancy.  No one could remove it from us, the only way it could be removed was if we chose to remove it.  We could not give it to anyone nor could we replace it if we did take it out, so we needed to be sure this was want we exactly wanted.  She then explained none of the children were protected, it was our duty as adults to protect our young ones.  There would be a few safe havens through out the country and if we could manage to get there and place our children in one of these before dusk, they would be safe for that night.  Only thing is, we could not use the safety bunker two nights in a row.  The vehicles were hooked up to some sort of device and would only work if someone with a planted device would be in it, however it drained the device of it's life expectancy.

We were then introduced by picture only because it was the beginning of the day who our predators would be. Werewolves, only no one would turn into a werewolf if one was attacked, they would just be eaten up by the monsters.  Everyone was in panic and we were allowed to head towards New York.  We were able to find the first safe haven and placed the children inside.  Todd and I stayed outside because there was only so much room, this way more children or people could be safe.  That night we witnessed hell on earth.  It was horrible how people were being torn a part by the beast.  The screaming and snarling would not allow anyone to sleep so the next day we were all exhausted.    We trudged on and made it to Las Vegas, that night we knew we were going to be fighting for our children's lives.  We tried our best to protect them. We flung our bodies on top of them trying to keep the beast from getting them, however they were too strong and flung our bodies off of them.  It was horrible we tugged on our children to free them, some were torn in half from the battle.  I still remember their panic stricken eyes looking towards me crying for help.  It was so realistic feeling.  We managed to only save 3 of them.  We walked and walked and found another safe haven and placed our children inside for the night.  We did this off and on the next few night, then one night we lost the final 3 to a battle.  I wanted to rip out my device and place it in the children in the worse way but Todd reminded me that this would not save them but would also put me in jeopardy as well.  I had not desire to move on for a few days and then Todd spoke to me and gave me support that was needed.  I remember my feet and knees ached and our devices were dimming.  Todd felt if we could run we would definitely make it but I knew I would not be able to run, so I told him to go on without me.  He refused.  We barely made it to New York, just hours before our devices faded and were not glowing any longer.  Once we made it we were all gathered once more and the same lady came out and told us "Congratulations!  You are all that is left.  Remember this because every hundreds or so years we will be back and that generation will have to go through this elimination process as well to survive.  Any tips we have for our future generations would be wise to write down for them."  They then just vanished in thin air.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Confessional

It is that time of week again.  Confession time.  Come join the fun hosted by Mamarazzi!

I confess...

It is HOT HOT HOT!  I am so tired of this HEAT WAVE!  Last night on the news, our weather man told us that out of the past 30 days, 17 of them have been 98 or higher, typically in those 30 days we only have 7.  Right now at nearly 8 pm it is still 102 degrees.  Tomorrow is suppose to be our last HOT day.  Now when I say it is hot, it is not only hot but you have humidity with it too, so our 102 degrees right now, no joke feels like 113 degrees.

I confess...

I think this heat wave has stunted the growth of our green beans. I sure hope that does not mean we will be getting less green beans from them.  We typically get a lot of green beans and I count on that every year to get us through the winter months.

I confess...

The 4th of July was not that enjoyable because of the heat.  I am sorry, I guess I am just a big baby (actually the boys thought it was too hot too.)  I mean when you are sitting outside and the seat is literally dripping off your face and my glasses were becoming fogged over ... it is TOO HOT!  The fireworks were nice but I was to stinkin' hot.  NOT stinking because I did wear a lot of deodorant, but stinkin'.

I confess...

I have post it notes at work with a count down until I am on vacation.  Oh Baby... the 19th is not going to get here fast enough...then I will not have to go back until August 3rd.  We are still trying to finalize our vacation plans.  I am very excited about this years family vacation.
What do you have to confess about?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gardening 101 ~ Compost Soil

I used to think a beautiful garden had to have nice dark soil on top, however I learned a beautiful garden means it starts with beautiful soil too and it does not have to be black soil on top.  Our first years of gardening we did have the dark soil but we have learned from classes and a lot of research in books and the Internet adding compost while you garden is very beneficial for this year's garden as well as enriches the soil for next year's garden.  There are many different ways to add compost to your garden or fertilize your garden.  Todd used to work with a woman who own horses and she would bring several garbage bags of horse manure we would add to the top.  We are not fortunate to have the manure any longer but we have found another great method for us.  to start with we lay corrugated boxes down around the plants.  (This year Todd laid the boxes down and then just cut the boxes where he planted.)  We then use garden staples to hold it down.

We use this method for 3 reasons:
  1. It will act as a weed barrier, thus less weeding. 
  2. The box will break down to compost for next Spring.
  3. It will also keep the soil moist longer, especially when it becomes very hot during the Summer months.
We do not add the boxes right up to the fencing because we use the fencing as a trellis to our beans and peas.  This will have compost later when gardening is done for the year and when it is time to prep the garden for the Winter.

After everything is planted we add compost on top of the boxes.  Again this will help prevent weeds and keeps moisture in the soil as well as enriches the soil.  Years past we have gone to the landfill and purchased compost but this year we were able to use our own.  We have a compost bin that we have been working on for nearly 3 years.  We had some wonderful compost from it and enough to cover the entire garden. 

I will post later about composting another day.  I do not think we will be purchasing compost from our landfill for a very long time.  We will have to actively work on the composting a little more often than we did to have enough every year.  After the fire and some contamination at the landfill, I do not want to use their compost.  The fire actually burned for close to 3 weeks.

This year as my last Gardening 101 post stated we add the compost over the soaker hose.  It seems to be working much better this year.  Here is a close up shot of one of our broccoli plants near the beginning of the gardening season.

Of course you can use other materials besides manure or compost over your soil.  Here are a few examples from the community garden.

This person uses hay or straw.  We have tried this method as well.  It works great but hay or straw is rather expensive lately for a small bundle and with both gardens, we just did not want to spend money on straw.

This person is using hay/straw and last Fall's leaves.  We add leaves to our compost bin.  The person next to this community plot (far left corner) uses black yard fabric. This will not enrich the soil any but will act as a weed barrier and keep the moisture in the soil longer.

One can also use news paper as a compost around plants.  Picture below is in our community garden plot.  This picture is one of our cucumber plants there.  We added only soil on top of the news paper in this garden.

As I mentioned above, I have learned the dark soil on top during growing season does not always mean beauty.  I would rather have wonderful plants and a very productive garden than black dirt on top.  Last year was our first year with the corrugated boxes on top, then adding more compost.  Our soil in the Spring was so beautiful when Todd cultivated it.  It was so black and looked so beautiful.  We knew we had a great beginning for our garden this season.  The soil was nice and healthy for it.

I am sure there may be some other methods I am just not aware of.  If you know of any you are welcome to comment.  

We Want To Know

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A
Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama


 Kenzie @ CBMommyhood wants to know...
{1} What are your 4th of July plans?
{2} Are you going to set off fireworks?
Which has Crazymama wondering...
{3} What is your favorite BBQ side dish?
{4} What is your favorite BBQ main dish?
{5} Do you decorate or dress in red white and blue for the 4th?

Here are my answers this week:
Kenzie @ CBMommyhood wants to know...
{1} What are your 4th of July plans?
Until last night we did not have any, well nothing fun.  Todd works all day and the boys are doing things with their friends during the day.  I thought after 7 pm when Todd comes home, he, Noah, and I might go down to the Pintacrest and watch fireworks, but last night when Todd came home he asked if we wanted to go to a party a co-worker is throwing, so now we have plans to go and see fireworks with a bunch of people we actually know. 

{2} Are you going to set off fireworks?
No, we can not actually set off fireworks.  It is illegal here in Iowa for every day people like us to set off fireworks.  It does not mean we do not cross the border to Missouri or Kansas or Wisconsin and buy them.  We just have to smuggle them back into Iowa.  Then we can not get caught setting them off or we could get a ticket.  (I have not smuggled since I was a teenager.)

Which has Crazymama wondering...
{3} What is your favorite BBQ side dish?
Definitely Corn on the Cob.  Iowa has the BEST Sweet Corn.  I guess if I had to pick between setting off fireworks and our Sweet Corn, Sweet Corn would win hands down.

{4} What is your favorite BBQ main dish?
BBQ Ribs is my favorite with BBQ pulled pork a close second.  We served BBQ pulled pork at our reception. I know not to fancy of a meal but it was mainly our Moms, his sister, his nephews and nieces, our children, 4 co-workers, and 3 friends.  It was small and in our backyard.  PLUS we made all the food ourselves.  Okay, what am I saying I made everything plus our wedding cake, so BBQ pulled pork was just fine for our wedding, it was perfect for our wedding. 

{5} Do you decorate or dress in red white and blue for the 4th?
We have a few decorations, but I am working on making a few more.  I just did not have the time for them this year, but next year, my door, fire mantel, and table will have new decorations.  Do I dress red, white, and blue.  I used to, but I haven't for a long time now.  Today will be something light and cool because we are suppose to have a high of 100 degrees and the humidity on top of it will make it feel like 106 degrees...We are in a heat wave and I am all about feeling cool when it is so hot it's hard to breathe when you go out.  (OH I Know... I will be wearing red.  I'm coloring my hair red again today.  bahahahaha.  I'm a dork and I know it.)


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy List


Come join the fun with Mamarazzi and add your Happy List

Here's My Happy List this week:
  • Dinner with my younger two boys.  What a great time I had.  I enjoyed their company so much that night.
  • Later that night we also played Harry Potter Clue.  
  • Before the game, they helped me move my bed.  I am LOVING the new location of it.  It is so much easier to make and for both of us getting into the bed.  We used to have it next to the wall.
  • WHILE we moved the bed, I found money I had hidden.  I completely forgot about it.  $60 dollars.  WOO HOO... that will be going towards vacation.
  • Todd is now working 1st shift.  I love this on so many levels.
    • He will be getting more sleep and quality sleep.  He has slept for 6-8 hours 3 nights in a row.  He has been sleeping maybe 4 hours a day.
    • We will have more awake time with one another.
    • My bed is actually getting made now. I love seeing a bed made and crawling into a made bed is delightful.  In the past I did not do this because he would nap through out the day beginning an hour after I left for work.
  • Joshua has been calling every week.  Sadly he is home sick and sadly he is not making money like he thought but I love how he remembers to call Mom every week.
  • Our garden has produced 4 broccoli the size nearly a volleyball size, 3 nice size zucchinis and 1 pickling cucumber.  We have several more veggies starting but this is what we have picked within the last 3 days.  I just LOVE our garden this year.
  • 15 more days and then I am on vacation for 15 days,  Can we say OH YEAH BABY!!!  I am so looking forward to this break.
 Well that is all I can think of for now.  What are you HAPPY about?  Come join the fun.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday's Song

Last night I had a wonderful time just chatting with Ethan and Noah during dinner.  The three of us truly enjoyed one another.  I think we sat at the table chatting for over an hour after we finished.  Today's Sunday Song is a song that reminds me of these two, my youngest.  Whenever I played this while brothers were at school, the three of us would dance. The boys might have been 5 and 2 then.  They would constantly ask for me to play the birdie song.   I love your boys!


He Loves Me