Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy List


I was all HAPPY and could not wait to post, but then just a few moments ago, one of my son's just made me so angry I forgot most of my HAPPY moments I was going to post... so it may be small.

  • One thing I am HAPPY about is that I have only 6 more work days before I go on vacation.  I am so in need of this vacation, time away from work will be great.  I am feeling very over whelmed.  
  • I am HAPPY I am off of a verbal warning, there is a job I want to post for but fear doing this because every time I do post, I am put on a verbal warning...so here is my thought and will be my actions.  On the 17th I have my quarterly review.  I will feel her out, if she says I am doing a great job and how she is HAPPY with me not being on a verbal... I will post for it.  If she says, you know, you still need to watch this because I do not want to see you go back on verbal...I will not post for it.  I do not want to be close to anything for them to find to keep me from going any where.  I would rather be stuck in the position they want me to be in with no verbals and get a pay increase, instead of keep trying and then something all of a sudden pops up and keeps me from the interview.
  • I am HAPPY we are doing this challenge for weight loss.  My department has a total of 10 people doing a Git Fit/Biggest Loser challenge.  We each had to put $10, this means the winner will win $90 ($100), I do not think I am going to win because there are 3 of them doing this Extreme Body Shaping - Ferrell's Body thing for the 10 week of the challenge.  I can not work out like they can do to my knees...however I am HAPPY that they are giving me an incentive to stick with it.  I love how I am not alone and we all are supporting one another.  One gal sends out daily motivations, in the morning a true motivation about weight loss, the afternoon a funny about weight loss.  It really is a good thing.  
  • I am HAPPY to say I have lost 22 pounds since the beginning of the year.  
 What do you have to be HAPPY about this week? Come join in on the fun with Mamarazzi

Well that is all I can think of...now to go tell my son what I think of him setting his brother up for public humiliation all because he thinks it is funny.  *sigh*

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