Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy List


 This week's HAPPY LIST...

  • I really enjoyed our "trip" part of vacation.  The fact we went to Washington DC made me very HAPPY.  There is so much still we did not see.  The driving part kind of stunk but I was so HAPPY with the entire trip.  Yes, there were moments that were not great but overall  very HAPPY.  The ferry we went on was so wonderful.  I can not wait to find time to blog about it, it will have to wait until another day because I have so much laundry and canning to do now.
  • Our garden is like a jungle right now...plants growing everywhere.  They took advantage of the time we did not have to keep them tied.  We have a lot of tomatoes...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!
  • Today is Todd's birthday.  Any time celebrating him makes me HAPPY.  I have been very blessed that he is in my life.  
  • The fact I have most of this week off still for vacation makes me HAPPY.  Yesterday was washing clothing.  Today will be picking up the house.  I left with it clean but we had (okay I have) one son who stayed home (22 year old) and the place is a little messy.  So today will be picking up the house and enjoying time with my husband.  His mother will be coming over and we are going out for dinner to celebrate.  Another reason why I am picking up the house.
  • It rained Saturday night here.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!  We STILL need a lot more.  
  • The boys will start school on 8/16.  HAPPY...no more stupid game systems.  Seriously, I wish they never entered our house.
  • My sister Lisa, she has been on experimental medication for Hepatitis C.  Four years ago, two days before my wedding, my Mother told me the doctors are giving her 2 years to live because it was so bad.  Well, the experimental treatment was HELL but it worked.  She no longer has it at all!  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!  Now I am praying for good news tomorrow.  Dad has another CT Scan today to see how his cancer is progressing.  Tomorrow will be the results.
Well that is what I have to be happy about.  How about you?  Come join Mamarazzi's linky party.


  1. praying for your daddy. your trip sounds like it was amazing, it was fun kind of following ya on FB.

    thanks for linking up!!

  2. I will say a prayer for your sister and daddy. I need to read more about your trip! I think I like road trips now. I am up for them! :D

  3. You've got some great reasons to be happy this week. Glad that your sister is doing so well.


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