Monday, July 16, 2012

My Dearest Taj

My Dearest Taj,
Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday.  I had a wonderful time with you.  I loved how you enjoyed your scrambled eggs and sang to me during breakfast.  You demanded to have your teeth brushed too. Although you brushed them with Mommy before you came over because you had a little toothpaste on your shirt, I did not see any harm with letting you win this battle.  You did just finish breakfast like a big boy.

After breakfast we played a little while and danced to the music of your toys.  

Then it was nap time and Grandma was happy to take a little nap in the morning with you.  I enjoyed how you snuggled up to Grandma while you were sleeping.  Your little hand would reach out every now and then to make sure I was still there.

You ate a great lunch and ran after the boys for a little while. 

After your uncles decided they wanted you out of their room we played some more.

and played

Until it was nap time. You were such a good boy and gave me no problems at all falling asleep.  While you slept I made cookies for you and the boys.  Once nap time was over I put your swimsuit on and we went outside to play for awhile.  Oh my child!  You love to be sprayed with the hose.

You were not a happy camper when I made us come in.  I am sorry little one but it was a 102 degrees and we were out long enough.  Once we were inside it was snack time.  You and your uncles enjoyed the cookies.  We then danced some more, read books.  You told me some story and chatted for nearly 40 minutes non-stop.  You loved to make me laugh so you would show off more for me.  When Grandpa came home from work, you threw yourself down and just giggled and giggled and yelled, "Dampa" which made Grandpa just smile.  It was his first time hearing you say it.  

You enjoyed dinner with us.  I think you enjoy eating with your uncles.  I swear you think you are big like them.  We all laughed at your little chatter and you loved the fact we were laughing.  The way you curl up your nose and laugh is so adorable.  

My sweet little Taj, my favorite part of our day was how you would come over and sit on my lap and give me the biggest hug and kiss without me asking.  I love you so much!


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