Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oddest Dream Ever

I had the oddest dream the other night and no clue where it came from or why.  I do not even understand the message, just that it was the oddest dream I have had in ages.  I typically do not recall so many details but this one I did.

Todd and I were younger, maybe in our late 20's.  Our children were much younger too.  Everyone in the United States east of California.  (ha ha ha... okay, I said everyone!)  was kidnapped and placed in California.  We all had to trek to New York in order to save our lives.  Now, I am not exactly sure who did the snatching or what machine placed us there.  We just kind of teleported there.
They split up men and women as well as the children, all the male children were with the men and the female children were with the women.  There was some sort of random selection and those who were selected were taken to this very large rickety old hospital where they performed some sort of surgery on the people selected.  A device was implanted to the upper stomach area.  This device was in the shape of a dog bone.  Todd and I were both selected for these implanted devices.   I kind of reminded me of Iron Man's device is a way.

After everyone healed we were all gathered to this huge field with a stage at one end and giant screens on the side, this way everyone would be able to see and here what was going to be said. Todd and I found one another and we both had the children with us.  I guess we are true soul mates in my dream too since we were able to locate one another in the midst of a human ocean.  We both recognize that we were the only ones in our family with the implanted device and did not know what to make of it.  We knew not everyone had one and none of our children were selected.  Now, this part sort of my odd dream reminds me of the Hunger Games selection scene with the wacky lady speaking to the crowd.  She is explaining in order for us to survive we have to make it to New York, however this was not going to be an easy task.  We were going to be hunted at night.  During the day we all were safe because our predators would be sleeping.  She then explained what the implanted devices were, it was a type of protection barrier, those who wore them were safe as long as the bone glowed.  It only had a certain amount of life expectancy.  No one could remove it from us, the only way it could be removed was if we chose to remove it.  We could not give it to anyone nor could we replace it if we did take it out, so we needed to be sure this was want we exactly wanted.  She then explained none of the children were protected, it was our duty as adults to protect our young ones.  There would be a few safe havens through out the country and if we could manage to get there and place our children in one of these before dusk, they would be safe for that night.  Only thing is, we could not use the safety bunker two nights in a row.  The vehicles were hooked up to some sort of device and would only work if someone with a planted device would be in it, however it drained the device of it's life expectancy.

We were then introduced by picture only because it was the beginning of the day who our predators would be. Werewolves, only no one would turn into a werewolf if one was attacked, they would just be eaten up by the monsters.  Everyone was in panic and we were allowed to head towards New York.  We were able to find the first safe haven and placed the children inside.  Todd and I stayed outside because there was only so much room, this way more children or people could be safe.  That night we witnessed hell on earth.  It was horrible how people were being torn a part by the beast.  The screaming and snarling would not allow anyone to sleep so the next day we were all exhausted.    We trudged on and made it to Las Vegas, that night we knew we were going to be fighting for our children's lives.  We tried our best to protect them. We flung our bodies on top of them trying to keep the beast from getting them, however they were too strong and flung our bodies off of them.  It was horrible we tugged on our children to free them, some were torn in half from the battle.  I still remember their panic stricken eyes looking towards me crying for help.  It was so realistic feeling.  We managed to only save 3 of them.  We walked and walked and found another safe haven and placed our children inside for the night.  We did this off and on the next few night, then one night we lost the final 3 to a battle.  I wanted to rip out my device and place it in the children in the worse way but Todd reminded me that this would not save them but would also put me in jeopardy as well.  I had not desire to move on for a few days and then Todd spoke to me and gave me support that was needed.  I remember my feet and knees ached and our devices were dimming.  Todd felt if we could run we would definitely make it but I knew I would not be able to run, so I told him to go on without me.  He refused.  We barely made it to New York, just hours before our devices faded and were not glowing any longer.  Once we made it we were all gathered once more and the same lady came out and told us "Congratulations!  You are all that is left.  Remember this because every hundreds or so years we will be back and that generation will have to go through this elimination process as well to survive.  Any tips we have for our future generations would be wise to write down for them."  They then just vanished in thin air.


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