Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy List


Here is my list for this week:

*       I am HAPPY for tomatoes.  See the 3 pictures below?  This is all from 2 picking only from each garden.  One garden is nearly half picked (the community garden) and the other garden we have not even come close to half picking.

      The tomatoes are thriving this year.
*       I am HAPPY that school starts next week for the boys.  I think they both are very anxious for it to start again.  Noah will be entering middle school this year, he has mixed emotions and Ethan will be a sophomore.
*       I am HAPPY that it looks like both boys will have their own bedrooms fo' sure.  Now we get to have fun and decorate them...as soon as I am done canning.
*       Matthew moved to his new house this week.  I am HAPPY for him yet will miss seeing him.  I will not miss the fact he did not pull his weight around the house with the dishes and picking up after his self or the bickering with Ethan.
*       Joshua will be back next week.  I am HAPPY for that but worried all in one.  He found that selling books on the East Coast was a major mistake.  *sigh*  He will then be gathering his stuff and moving into his apartment.  Seriously folks, we will be down to only 2 children living with us at home!  I can not tell you how long that has been for me, okay I can tell you it has been 15 years since I have had only 2 children in my house and for Todd it has been 7 years.  It will be a HAPPY change in some ways but sad in others.
*       Oh, I am so HAPPY to be posting my Wordless Wednesday tomorrow and following up with a post about that day.  The two pictures I will be posting are so freakin' cute I must say.  I just love them.
*       Todd and I were able to get Taj's 1 year pictures finally taken.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  Kera was unable to afford them so we did it.  I can not wait until they come back, darn that kid is so photogenic, it was a hard decision.

Well that is all I have for now.  What are you HAPPY about?  Come join the fun with Mamarazzi!


  1. holy maters mama!! what an abundant garden...huge blessings!

    i cannot wait to see Taj's pictures, you are right he is one good looking photogenic baby!!

  2. *laughing @ Mamarazzi's comment* You have quite the job ahead of you with your canning! Taj is so flippoin' cute. I know his photos are cute, too. :D


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