Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday's Song ~ All Things Must Pass

I chose this song for so many different reasons this Sunday.  I can seriously say it is one of my top 3 favorite songs George Harrison wrote.  This song has helped me in so many ways through my life.  Once while I was in high school we had an assignment to write about a meaning of a poem or song and how it relates to you in life.  I chose this song.  I was the only one in 4 class periods to receive an 'A' I was told.

This song has reminded me when I am very down in my dark hole, how life will not stay the same.  All things must pass, no matter how dark the hour seems to be, it will become lighter.

My reasons for it this Sunday are:
* To help all my friends who are fighting depression.  It will pass.
* Within one week will be both of my Grandfathers' birthday.  I love them and miss them so much.  I miss seeing them, hearing their laughter, hearing them call me by my special name they have given me.  I will hold onto all my memories of them.
* Last week one of my dearest friend's brother passed away.  I have known her for nearly 40 years, thus knowing her family.  Her brother would tease and flirt with me.  I think he did this with so many of her friends, it was his personality.  However, my last memory of seeing him face to face was in college.  He and I went to the same school.  I remember the tears in his eyes that I caused after he confessed his feelings for me.  I am sorry Mike for making you cry.
*Finally, I just love the song and the message it provides everyone. Enjoy what you have.  Make sure you take the time to enjoy life.  If life is bad right now, it will get better.


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