Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation Day 3 ~ Washington DC

Our third day in Washington DC, there was a chance of isolated storms so we thought the Smithsonian Museums would be our best attractions.  Once again we caught the blue line and road it to the same stop where we started with the Smithsonian Castle.  It was also the Smithsonian Information Center as well.  I just loved the building!

Our visit was very brief because we really wanted to go to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.  We were fortunate to arrive just 15 minutes before a tour started.  We spent 4 hours of the day in this building alone.  Click here for more pictures of The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Wright Brother's Airplane
The Spirit of St. Louis
One of Amelia Erhart's planes.

Mercury Capsule

The boys had a ball doing a flight simulator, where they had the plane flying upside down.  It was so fun watching them talk about the maneuvers and listening to them giggle about how they reacted, even Todd looked at me with a smile and nodded towards the boys.  He too was happy to see them enjoy their selves as much as they did.  Especially after all the bickering they did when we had to rest every now and then on benches because let's face it we are not as young as they are nor in shape like they are.

Noah wanted to go to the National Gallery of Art, however the majority wanted to walk down the National Capital, I promised him we would stop on our way back.  He sulked a little but understood.  Off we went, while we were walking down the National Mall we noticed people laying out quilts and heard names being called out.  Stitch in Time was going on in Washington DC.

This is when someone makes a quilt representing a loved one who has AIDS, it becomes one large AIDS Memorial Quilt.  I was very touched seeing all of the quilts.

Prior to the National Capital there is a Ulysses S. Grant Memorial.

After we sat and enjoyed the breeze and beauty of the National Capital we headed back to see the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art. Noah was not interested going into the building, he basically just wanted to see the art work outside the building.

It was 6 pm when the boys came back to us and off we went to catch the blue line to take us to our home away from home.  The boys took advantage of the pool after dinner while Mom, Todd, and myself enjoyed our books in the room.

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