Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation Day 4 ~ Washington DC

Our last day in Washington DC we decided to start with The Smithsonian National Zoo.  This made Ethan very happy because we had to ride the metro to the hub and transfer from the blue line to the red line.
The zoo was far from where we were staying, a more upscale side of town.  It was also the hottest day while we were there.  The temperatures reached 100 degrees.

It was a nice zoo and had many animals.  The one thing I was not fond of it was on a hill.  Everything was going down and in order to see everything you had to go all the way down and then back track through what you saw already.  It was very very hard on my knees.  I wanted to scream and give up.  I did not hide my pain very well.  Todd was very worried and asked if I wanted to sit on the benches thinking it would help.  The only help for me was to finish going up the hill.  The heat and the pain made me just want to go back to the hotel, but I never shared this desire.

It was neat seeing an actual panda bear.  I have never seen one before.
This is a red panda.  He was on the move constantly.

After the zoo we rode the red line to catch the blue line and it was The Smithsonian Natural History Museum next.  I was very tired as I said before and I was a little disappointed with the size.  I guess Chicago's is so much bigger and put a little let down.  I saw what I wanted to see and then sat in the foyer on a bench.  Todd and my Mom felt the same way.  We let the boys go off to see what they wanted.

The Hope Diamond.

We then rode the blue line for the last time and stayed in our hotel room for the last time.  It was a bitter sweet ending.  We enjoyed Washington DC.  There was so much more we wanted to see but we were excited for the next day, going to the beach and seeing the ocean.  For more pictures of The Smithsonian Natural History click Day 3 below.

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