Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation Day 5 ~ Delaware

Washington DC is a little more than 2 hours away from the ocean.  When we started to plan our vacation Todd mentioned how it would be cool to see the ocean for he has never seen it.  I loved the idea because Ethan and Noah has not seen it as well.  We found a town, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where we can enjoy the ocean.  We wanted to spend the night there where Todd and I could go out for a special dinner and walk along the beach for our anniversary but the hotels were way to expensive for us, so we decided to stay in Dover for the night.  Plans were made and on Day 5 of our vacation we set off to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Delaware had a lot of road construction.  We made a wrong turn and unfortunately that took an hour from our day due to the road construction.  However the summer homes are absolutely gorgeous.
We finally found the beach and enjoyed nearly 3 hours.  Sadly my Mom, Todd, and I did not have our swim suits with us.  We thought there would be a place on the beach were we could go to change into our suits.  We found out we were wrong.  This did not stop us getting our feet wet though.
The boys had a good time.  The only thing bad was they swallowed a lot of ocean water.  Later on that night, poor Noah became ill from the water we believe.  Poor little guy.

After our time on the beach we drove to Lewis, Delaware to catch a ferry.  We thought it would be fun to ride it across the Delaware Bay and go to Cape May, New Jersey.  It was a lot of fun. It was very relaxing.  It just happened to be Family Fun Day, so they had special activities for children and their families.

Above: Mom enjoying the view.
Below: Todd showing off for me.  He loves to make me smile.

I have a fascination with light houses.  
Ethan with the mascot

The boys loved it.  Noah really got into it.  He danced and danced.  Ethan would participate from time to time, but he enjoyed wandering off and just hanging out on the upper deck as well.

Our ferry ride was three hours to and from.  It was very enjoyable.  Noah, was a lucky duck and actually saw dolphins.  I was a little bummed about that because I really wanted to see one and wanted Ethan to see one too.  He had a fascination for dolphins when he was younger.
The view down from the deck.

Noah with the mascot.
The boys dancing with the other kids.
Todd enjoying the boys having a good time.
This is one of many reasons I love him so much.  
He truly cares about my boys too.
Here is another ferry exactly like the one we were on. This one was docked for the night in Cap May, New Jersey.

The view was breath taking on our way back to Lewis, Delaware.  Todd and I spent a little time on the outside deck alone since it was our anniversary.  What a beautiful sunset.
After the ferry we drove to Dover.  It was after nine when we checked into our hotel for the night.  We wanted to go out for dinner and eat at a seafood restaurant.  We figured it had to be fresh and wonderful since we were so close to the ocean.  Up the road less than a mile we were told was a great seafood restaurant.  It took us nearly an hour just to go 1 mile because of the road construction.  The restaurant was only open for another 30 minutes.  They were so friendly and kind letting us eat there so close to closing.  I think they felt sorry for us.  I must say, they did have the best seafood I have ever eaten.  Todd was very happy because he was wanting soft shell crab in the worse way.  The boys even found something they liked since they do not like seafood.  It was a good day.  

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