Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation Day 6~ Pennsylvania

We decided to break up our drive home. We felt that another 16 hour drive home would be much.  We were in no hurry back, so when we planned our vacation we planned to drive from Delaware to Cleveland, Ohio.  Shortly into Pennsylvania we came across these two bridges.  They both were interesting to me, thus a photo opportunity while driving.

Upper Pennsylvania is much different looking than the southern part.  The mountains were less rocky and more trees. This road I thought was beautiful.  I would love to drive on this road during the fall when all the leaves are in bright autumn color.

On our path we decided to make a little stop for the day.  We thought, well we are driving so close to Hershey, Pennsylvania why not stop?  So we did.  A lot of the street names are of candy, it was kind of neat. We ended up going to the Hershey Museum and spent a few hours going through the museum and a little free tour.  It was neat and something small and nice to do on a day that would have been just driving.

The boys had a good time.  My Mom had another shopping opportunity. I swear she loved all the gift shops where ever we stopped. I was glad that she was having a good time.  My Mom and the boys did some sort of taste test on possible new flavors for kisses. We all had a sample after our little tour.  After a few hours there it was time to hit the road again and drive some more through Pennsylvania.

He he he... He could not hide his face this time.  
I took a picture of you Ethan. :)
We actually drove through several mountains.  Todd laughed at me and said I was such a tourist.  Well umm....yeah.  I was and that is just how I roll.  I am kind of dorky like that but he loves me for who I am.
Pennsylvania it seemed like forever we drove through that state.  We finally made our destination late evening. We checked in and went to a Denny's.  The worse service we have ever had.  They were slow and they were rude.  NEVER go to the Denny's in Cleveland, Ohio near the airport. 

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