Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation Day 7 ~ Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio was our final vacation stop and this one was more for me.  Now, I know everyone was going to enjoy it but I could not wait to see The Beatles items.  I know Todd okayed this stop just for me, well and for him too. We both love music, heck my entire family loves music. We went to Cleveland, Ohio for one reason and one reason only....  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

I noticed downtown Cleveland, they had guitar statues, it kind of reminded me of the Book Sculptures and the Herkey Sculptures.  Placed around the outside of the museum were several larger guitars.  We had a lot of fun with them.

Okay, the boys did not so much.
 They were getting tired of me taking pictures of them.

Noah was finally getting into the spirit of it all.
Johnny Cash's touring bus
Once in the museum, I could only take pictures in the entrance and the first floor entry room, once we entered we were not allowed to take any pictures because the music artist requested this.  Everything in the museum was donated by the stars so they wished for no pictures.  I will admit, we broke the rules for one picture of The Beatles signature but I will never post it.

The Police, Sting's bass guitar
In a case there were some Memorial Guitars that were designed for the 9/11 Memorial.  They were very beautiful and very touching.

The Go-Go's, Jane Wiedlin's guitar
ZZ Top's Coupe
Joan Jett's Jaguar
Van Halen's, Alex Van Halen's drum set.

If one stops in every room and listens to everything there and watches every clip, it will take 6 hours to enjoy the museum. Due to the fact the museum did not open until 10 am, we were only allowing 3 hours since we had another 10 hour drive to reach home.  We chose what we wanted to see the most. All I can say, is I really wanted to take my camera out and snap photos after photos. I loved so much of the history it had. I loved so much of the actual items.  ZZ Top's drummer had a crazy set of drums, it was completely lined with fur on the outside. Stevie Nicks outfits were so beautiful.  The Elvis room was neat to see.  My favorite was The Beatle's section.  I could have easily sat for an hour there taking it all in and listening to each album with The Beatle's describing what was going on during the recordings and their life during the making of each album.  We did spend the longest amount of time at this exhibit except for the show where they inducted the hall of fame artist.  It was very enjoyable.  I found out that KISS will never be in the Hall of Fame by their choice.  I did not catch exactly why not but I heard one of the people working there share that tid bit of information.   

After we finished the museum it was on the road again to home. While we were driving my Mom thanked us again and again. She kept saying how this was the best vacation she has ever had.  This made me fell warm all over.  It was a nice vacation with exception of teen age attitudes once in awhile. I just wished we had more time every where we went.  We tried to get so much in to see everything where we could have spent more hours at each place, but then we would have seen less.  Washington DC we will be back some day and catch what we missed.  Delaware, we will be back but next time we want to spend the night in a hotel on the beach.  Pennsylvania we definitely will be back.  We want to see Philly some day.  Cleveland, I loved the museum, but we did not have a great experience with being treated "welcome", the restaurant and hotel, the workers were not friendly and they were not helpful one bit.  It was late when we made it back to Iowa. It was also very nice to sleep in our own bed that night.  All in all, we enjoyed this year's vacation.

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