Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation~Fun Pictures

Here are some fun pictures we took during our vacation.  
Todd holding The Washington Monument between his fingers.
Noah being eaten by a dinosaur.
Ethan carrying Noah for a little while because he was complaining about his legs hurting.
It took me 3 times to write this to take the picture due to the waves.
Todd's toes in the ocean for the first time.
Noah complaining to his grandma because he did not want his picture to be taken.
I thought everyone was being silly, instead it was only me.
Mom being a little silly.
Todd being a little silly.

2012 Vacation Day 1 ~ The Drive 
2012 Vacation Day 2 ~ Washington D.C.
2012 Vacation Day 2 ~ WWII Memorial
2012 Vacation Day 2 ~ The Lincoln Memorial
2012 Vacation Day 3 ~ Washington D.C. 
2012 Vacation Day 3 ~ The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum 
2012 Vacation Day 4 ~ Washington D.C.
2012 Vacation Day 5 ~ Delaware
2012 Vacation Day 6 ~ Pennsylvania
2012 Vacation Day 7 ~ Cleveland, Ohio 


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