Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We Want to Know

Welcome to We Want to Know. Wednesday’s Q&A — Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama

Crazymama is asking the questions this week: It’s the Olympics in London! Let’s talk about it. 

(1) What was your favorite part of the Opening Ceremonies?

Anyone who knows me would was the music and the very ending when the torch was lit, on stage... Sir Paul McCartney.  Yes, this was my favorite part.  LOL  To be honest, I did not see the opening ceremonies due to vacation, we entered our hotel room just as the 'S' began to parade in.  I thought I had missed Paul's performance.  I was very happy I was wrong.

(2) Which country are you rooting for? ( I realize we aren’t all Americans)


(3) Which is your favorite event to watch and why? 

Gymnastics has always been one of my favorites, but I enjoy the swimming, wrestling, and running.  (Used to enjoy the for the Olympics getting rid of it.)

(4) Have you found a new sport that is surprisingly delightful?

During the Winter Olympics I did...Curling. 

(5) Have you always been a fan of the Olympics? what is your earliest  Olympic Memory?

My earliest was Nadia Comaneci dominating.  I have a lot of fun memories, when Matthew, my oldest was about 2 he would spread his blanket out and do gymnastics. He would play with the rings on the swings too acting.  My mom's boyfriend would take pictures of him and even went out and picked up a gold medal to give him.  Another favorite year was when he was in 6th grade and he had a huge unit about the Olympics making him watch it for homework.  The entire family was involved and we all became Apollo Ono fans after that.

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  1. sad thin is I've not watch any of the Olympic


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