Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where's Jolene????

Hi All!  I have been here but not totally here the past couple of weeks.  Life has been so busy as I am sure so many lives are.  After vacation this year life was in full speed making it difficult for me to even post about my vacation yet alone participate in my linky parties I typically do.  I have been moving children into their own places, moving bedrooms around, harvesting, canning, getting ready for school, and work is keeping me very busy too.  I have only an hour each night for the computer and I have been mainly reading post you all have been blogging and not posting myself.  

Today I alone in the house until 3 pm.  Todd is at work.  Ethan and Noah my only two living with us now are with Joshua and Matthew spending the day at Adventureland with their father.  The only thing they have done with their father all year so far.  Time they need.  I plan on getting a lot of house work down with no one here as well as more blanching and freezing veggies and canning more veggies as well.

Just look at all the veggies Todd picked from both gardens 2 days ago.
See why I have been busy.  Plus our cucumbers were not so productive this year, he went to a local farmer and bought a bag full so I can make pickles.

This is what we did all day yesterday...It took 1 1/2 hours just to boil 500 tomatoes and remove the skin.  After that we had to cook, jar, and water bath them.

This was not even from the tomatoes he picked 2 days ago.  They were the tomatoes he picked last week.  We ended up with 3 qt. of stewed tomatoes, 8 qt of pasta sauce (and 1 pt. of pasta sauce in the fridge not pictured.),  9 pt. of hot salsa (and one not pictured in the fridge) , 7 pt. of chili base (and 1 pt. we used for dinner.).

However, I promised myself...1 hour of posting my blogs.  Now that you are caught up to where I have been and what I have been doing... on to more blogging.  I think I will try to finish our vacation first.


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