Friday, August 3, 2012

You Have To Take The Good With The Bad Sometimes

On July 31st my Dad had another CT Scan to see how the chemotherapy pills are working.  The next day he had an appointment with his Oncologist to hear the results.  We all are very concerned since the pills are not as successful as other treatments but it is the only treatment he can have.

The results were better than the doctor had hoped for.  His tumors have shrunk in size from the pills.  He has no spots on his lungs now at all.  He told my Dad that he was very happy with the results and very surprised.  As for the cancer, things are looking better.  Great news right?!

Then the doctor dropped the other shoe on him.  They noticed an aneurysm prior and it has enlarged from the chemotherapy pills.  The aneurysm is in the main vein from the stomach to the heart.  My Dad can not have any type of operations due to the condition of his liver, he would most likely bleed to death.  The Oncologist is setting up an appointment with another specialist to see if a stint will work for him.  It is his only hope.

Thank you to all who have said prayers or positive thoughts for my Dad.  They worked for the cancer treatment.

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  1. God keep your lovely dad safe.. my dad had an aneurism for many years, and lived to 84, so I hope your dad will live longer than he expected too... He must stay positive, and there will be a way to help him... hugs from across the pond.. J


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