Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gardening 101- Community Garden

This was the first year we have also gardened in the city's community garden.
We thoroughly enjoyed it.
Well, poor Todd was the person who actually took care of the garden.
I mainly did the canning and freezing so far from this garden.
I loved going out and seeing the progress and viewing other gardener's techniques.

I also loved hearing Todd sharing conversations he had with others while he was there.
One time when I went to visit the garden, he pointed out a robin.
He told me he became friends with this robin and
expressed how smart this robin was.
He would watch people turn the soil and plant the seeds,
once the gardeners would leave the robin would
go to the fresh turned soil and find worms.

Some of the gardeners planted flowers with their veggies.
 I loved seeing the different flowers. 
Next year I definitely want to plant some from seeds in the community garden.
It would be great to have fresh cut flowers that I grew from seeds.
 I wish I had someone standing next to this plant above. 
It was the largest broccoli plant I have ever seen.
I loved how this gardener used willow branches as the trellis.
I wonder if this gardener went to the class we were at?

One person had half plot and planted nothing but sweet corn.
We are sort of debating about doing this next year as well.
It was $20 for the large plot and $10 for a small plot.
I honestly would love for our children who do not live with us any more to get at least a small plot.
I really want them to know the joy of gardening and how beneficial it is.
Shoot, I would even be willing to pay for the plot for them.
They live in apartments or homes they are renting and can not garden.

Here are some pictures from our garden plot.

The only down side with gardening here are:
*We have found some of our supplies missing.
*You do not know if someone fertilized, used insecticides, or composted the year prior.
*We never had to deal with fleas beetles before 
but we never gardened in a large field either like this.

The upside definitely out weighs the downside and we will definitely try again to get another plot.

We will definitely be participating in the community garden again.

Sunday Song

Alright!  Where have I been?  Why have I not heard of Rufus Wainwright other then Halleluiah in Shrek?  I must have been under some sort of rock.  He has such a wonderful voice.  Last week when I stumbled upon him looking for my song, I found this song because I was addicted with clicking next next next after listening one of his songs to the next.  This song he is singing with is his sister Martha.  I just loved the simple sound of the guitar and their harmony with one another.  I knew last week I had to post this for today's song. 

I also stumbled upon this rendition of Some Where Over The Rainbow, which is so awesome. I have such a sweet spot for anything dealing with The Wizard of Oz one of my ultimate favorites. 


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Update...Total Rambling

Okay my sweet  friends,  my new look is now complete.  I believe overall I am very happy with it.  It has more of a clean and fresh look and it is me. I love the wood rose color.  It is one of my favorite colors since reading the book and then watching the movie Thorn Birds.  It has taken many trials to complete the picture for my header; I still see some flaws with it and wished I could have included one of my craft pictures but I felt one more picture would have to actually be two more pictures because it needs to be an odd number for it to be a correct arrangement in my opinion, so no craft picture because I did not want it to look over crowded either.

I missed my Friday Confessionals yesterday.  The next few months will be very busy for me and I will try my best to post.  I may have to catch up on the weekends and schedule post for the following week.  We are beginning our busy season at work.  I have completed our first round of temps training and on Monday will begin to train the second round of temps.  I have been away from my desk more than at my desk the past two weeks with all of the training and meetings.  I was also involved with testing our new call tracking system we will be phasing in with all of our clients.  Monday will be totally crazy at work.  Several clients begin their open enrollment season, we will have a new call tracking system which we will use for only four of our clients (at least for now only four.), the first round of temps will be taking calls on their own (or at least should be), and we have several people scheduled out this week.  My team will not have me available to assist with answering calls at all due to the training. Two weeks from this Monday we will have another round of temps for me to begin to train as well.  In all, we will have 20 temps working during our peak season.  We will also be losing one of my co-workers during this time as well.  Overtime will be starting sometime in October as well and I am in hopes I will have up to 10 hours per week of it like I did last year.  It was very nice for Christmas.

Life for me will definitely be in full speed for now through the end of the year.  Once open enrollment winds down the craziness of Christmas will begin.  That is if I am still working where I am.  I sort of feel guilty for applying for a new job during the busy season, but I have not found many jobs that are 'me' to apply for as well as no cut in pay.  I have not had a raise for 3 years because I have basically topped the salary for the position I hold, although I do a lot more than a Call Center Representative description.   I would love to stay with the company I am currently because I do not want to lose my vacation and seniority, but I do not want to be stuck in this position until I retiree.  This is very difficult for me, but I am going to try any way.  Todd and I talked about it; it would be foolish for me not to try.  I need to make more money, child support is going down since two of the boys are over 18, however I still financially assist them from time to time and I never told them they had to pay me rent or for food while they lived with us up through last August.  I did not think that was right.  I just wished their father would provide the money to them until they get on their feet for the first few months while they are at their new place since they owe so much to the University from last year.  Maybe if he would assist them, they could pay this bill off sooner and start back to school again, but this is not going to happen because he only gives broken promises to them.  Well enough about him.  We all know cost of living is also going up.  The amount of food these boys eat is crazy! 

This past week Kera turned 25 years old.  We will have Taj sometime tonight so she can go out and celebrate.  He will be spending the night with us as well and sometime during the late afternoon or early morning, Kera and the rest of the children will come over for her birthday dinner.  I might even get to meet Matthew's new girlfriend.  I am so thrilled he has an official girlfriend again.  I think this is something he has needed for a while now.  He had a very hard time with the break up of his last girlfriend of four years.  It was so hard watching him spiral down the path he took, but I am very proud of him for climbing out and getting everything in order once again and now a new girlfriend is such a plus for him.  I am looking forward to having all the kids home.  It will be nice to have every single one of them.  It has been a while maybe prior to Summer because one has either been away or had to work when we do try to have all over.  I am super excited about tomorrow.

Well that is all for now, I have so many things to do prior to Taj coming over and preparations for tomorrow. I am in hopes I will be able to get it all done. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Look

I mentioned a little while back how I lost the look of my blog design.  This has happened twice to me now since I started to blog.  It is definitely not Bloggers fault, it is the "free templates"  the place where I have found the template just decided to get rid of it.  It takes a long time for me to find something I like.

I decided to just make my own.  It will not be fancy and I am using Bloggers templates this time in hopes it will not change.  I am liking the colors so far.  I am in the process of designing a new "header" so to say.  I hope it will be done by Friday.

My blog will still be me, just a new look.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy List


Mamarrazi is on a break still and Ricki Jill is stepping in for her.  Catch her blog Art @ Home.  I really enjoy going to her blog every day.  She has a gift in the art world, a true gift.

I have been sick the past few days.  This time, I actually fainted.  I have no idea how long I was out but I woke up on the floor in the bathroom.  I do not think I have ever been this sick before.  I am not sure if I will make it to work on Tuesday.  I know I need to because I am training temporary employees for our department to help with Open Enrollment.  My Happy List will be short, only because my head is throbbing.

I am HAPPY, I am my children's friends on Facebook.  All of them, even the girls.  I get to see what is going on in their lives when they do not live at home.  I am HAPPY my oldest changed his relationship from 'single' to 'in a relationship'.  This makes me very very HAPPY.  He was with another girl for 4 years and the break up was very hard on him.  I watched him spiral down, he feared he would not ever find another.  (I know we all feel this way over our first love but a Mom hates to see her child go through this.)  It has been over 3 years since said break up and this is his first official relationship since.  I found this out of course through Facebook.  I am in hopes I will meet her this Sunday when we celebrate Kera's 25th birthday.

I am HAPPY I watched Taj before I came down with whatever it is.  He is such a bright spot in our lives.  He started to spin circles and I thought I heard him say ashes and then he fell down singing in this high pitch voice "down!"  I smiled and asked him if he was playing Ring Around The Rosies and his eyes just twinkled and he had a huge smile.  Naturally we started to play, only thing was, I couldn't fall down because of my knees.  Uncle Ethan happened to walk by and I asked him to play.  We all played and Taj just laughed and laughed.  I loved it.  I love how my younger two adore him as well.  Heck the older two do too, but they are not around him as often.  Taj is now eating at the table with a booster chair instead of the high chair.  He is so freakin' cute, he looks at the boys and joins in their conversation with his baby jiber jaber as if they could understand.  The boys, just look at him and nod and smile and act as if they understood.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  

The past weekend was so much better than the week before...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, I'm doing a happy jig with that statement.

Well I am off to bed once again. What do you have to be HAPPY about this week?

Monday, September 24, 2012

An Award!

Friday I was given the Liebster Award from Becca @ Everyday Life.  This makes me Happy, although tomorrow is the day for my Happy List, so this post will be about the award itself.

This award has a few little rules that are simple enough for me to follow.

Here are the rules:
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.
  • Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to.
  • Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to your post. Go to their page and tell them.
  • No tag backs.

 11 things about me for those who may be new here
  1. I am very much in love with my husband.  Seriously in love.
  2. My boys mean the world to me and I have grown very fond of my step daughters as well.  I would move mountains for any of them if I could.
  3. I am so in love with being a GRANDMA and have an awesome grandson.
  4. I love to craft and I am so trying to make more time for it when I am not busy doing something from the gardens.
  5. I am absolutely nuts over Paul McCartney or anything dealing with the Beatles.
  6. I know how to do the Rumba, Salsa, Miranga, Cha-Cha, 4 step - Latin, Waltz, Fox Trot, Swing, 4- Step Swing, and Slow Dance.  My husband and I took 5 semester of Ball Room Dancing.  It was so much fun.  We are not masters of any of them and would never win a dance competition but we do know how to dance and have a good time.
  7. I love music.  It is very important to me in my life.  
  8. I know how to play the piano.  I am not any good now but I was decent back in high school.
  9. I used to be a decent tennis player back in junior high school and high school.
  10. I am not athletic at all any longer.
  11. I am a dorky sentimental person and would not change that part of me. 
My list of 11 questions to answer:

  1. What are you currently reading or would like to read? I am still working on The Help.  I need stronger glasses to read with.  I had to wait until this month when I am eligible for new frames, which reminds me, I need to make my appointment.
  2. If you could have dinner with one person living or dead who would it be? This would be tough, commonly I would say Paul McCartney but I have been missing my Grandparents in the worse way lately.  This is why it would be tough, there are three that have passed and I want to see.  I guess I would have to pick my Grandpa Rich if I was forced to pick only one.  The reason it would be him, is because he passed away when I was in 8th grade where the other two have been within less than 16 years.
  3. If you could go back in time to one day in your life which day would it be and why? The day of my second wedding.  It was such a perfect day.  I felt so much love.  The kids were all happy. We messed up a few little things, but I would want to repeat it all over the exact same way.  The little mess ups just made us laugh and it was just perfect.
  4. Long or Short hair? Medium hair.
  5. Favorite cartoon as a kid? Oh, I had several but my ultimate would have been Scooby Doo.  I quit ballet for Scooby Doo.  My classes were Saturday morning and I did not want to miss. 
  6. Morning or night person?  Evening. I am not a morning person and the older I am getting I am not a late night person, but I do enjoy the evenings the most.
  7. If your life was a movie what would it be a comedy, drama, horror? DRAMA definitely drama with a little comedy entwined.
  8. If you found yourself pregnant at this moment would you want a boy or girl? Oh DEAR!!! The thought frightens me.  I have had my chance of populating the earth.  My time has past. My voice would be for neither.
  9. Hit shuffle on your iPod or if you don't own one turn on the radio and name the first song that plays? Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton.
  10. If you were a singer and had to pick a duet partner who would it be and why? No brainier on this one.  Paul McCartney of course.  :)
  11. Name the last movie you watched be it on TV or in the theater? Theater would have been the Batman movie.  Last night on TV, The Hangover.

My list of 11 questions to answer:

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. If you had a song that would fit your life, which song would it be?
  3. Do you eat breakfast in the morning?
  4. Dresses or pants?
  5. Favorite Artist? (this would be music, performer, or actual art.)
  6. Where is one place on earth you have always dream of going to? 
  7. Dog or Cat?
  8. Do you believe in Angels?
  9. What is your favorite flower?
  10. What book would you recommend people to read? 
  11. What is your favorite season and why? 
My 11 nominees are:
  1. Kelly @Kelly's lucky you
  2. Forgetfulone 
  3. Charlene @Adventure-In-Mommy-Land 
  4. Aimee @a day in the life of my crazy little world...and all the messy details. 
  5. Suzanne (Rhonda) @Everything but the Kitchen Sink 
  6. Jill @Jill's World 
  7. Julie @Whimsical Worlds 
  8. Janzi @Rosie Dayze 
  9. Rambling of The Cool Chick 
  10. My Family...My World! 
  11. Ricki @Art@Home
  12. Any person I may have left off...this one is for you.
Take the award and post it but remember you must follow the rules I did even if I fussed the whole time. In the words of Becca..."Go be Fabulous my Friends."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday's Song

I really wanted to post this song this week.  With everything going on in the world...we just need to live and love.  To be honest I was planning on linking the Beatles version, but I love this one just as much.  The different voices, the bass, the tenor, and of course the son.  Enjoy!

I also liked Rufus' video for the song.  I think this is the best remake I have heard of this song.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Confessional


Yes!  It is Friday and I get to confess again.

I confess...

I have had a great week at work.  Every day I went to work this week someone has commented/complimenting me on the weight loss.  It makes me feel wonderful that my 20 lbs loss now is showing.  I do not see it, however my clothing are beginning to be loser in some areas.  I even had someone come up to me and tell me they see it in my face.  AGAIN, I do not but I am loving this.

I confess...

All the compliments and the new weight loss competition makes me even want to try harder.

I confess...

I can not wait to go to my doctor's appointment in February and to step on the scale so he can see how much I have lost since the last time I was there.  (Actually it was the last time I was there I cried because of how much I weighed.  Okay, I did not cry in front of them, but it made my blood pressure go up, for real!  It really did!)

I confess...

Things are finally calming down with the boys. Let's hope this weekend will be smoother. Our plans are to actually organize the shed.  WOO HOO!   I am looking forward to this, however I am not as well.  It is going to be a lot of work AND I might come across spiders and possible mice.  Two things I am not fond of.

I confess...

The weather is so beautiful now, however I am a little sad seeing the gardens beginning to die.  This time of year I have such mix emotions. I love our gardens.

I confess...

I won a GIVE AWAY this week.  I was totally surprised.  Living A Goddess Life had a give away for iStencils and I won!!!  I have been trying to find a couple of stencils for some home makeover projects but have not had any luck.  I took a peak at the stencils at iStencils and found several that I liked.  Thanks Beth!

Well that is all I have for now.  What do you have to confess?  Come join the fun at High-Heeled Love.  Aubrey is hosting while Mamarazzi is on a break.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012



 It has been a little different in our house, cold feeling and quiet.  Feelings have been hurt.  People feeling betrayed.  Even after everything I can find a couple of things to post on my HAPPY LIST.

Today I put on a pair of jeans I have not worn since maybe early Spring back in March.  They are a little big on me around the upper thighs and definitely big in the butt area as well as the front.  My blouse I wore is also loser in the front mid section.  I received many feed backs from co-workers today regarding my weight loss.  This DEFINITELY MAKES ME HAPPY!  Not the comments but me being able to finally see some progress.  I have not weighed in for two weeks.  I plan to on Friday and I am excited/anxious to see how many more pounds are gone.

I am also very HAPPY with my choice of man.  I do not think I could have ever picked a better man for me or a husband.  The second time around I definitely did something right.  This man goes through hell putting up with my boys' (teenager) crap.  Not that my boys are terrible but they do have moments and this weekend was a big one.  I am HAPPY even when my son tried to throw me under the bus to save his self, he did not make my husband second guess anything, treat me wrong, or even get angry with me.  The morning after the only he said to me was, "I hope you use this as a life lesson and never share anything with the boys again."  Yep, I knew that right after the words came out of the kid's mouth.  Lord, I am lucky to have him in my corner and in my life.  Some day, the boys will realize this as well, for the most part they do like him and enjoy him, they just do not like it when he steps in and helps me with regaining some order when they are giving a good fight.  This is a way a couple should be.  They should stand united.  Maybe my boys' will learn this.  Please, do not take me wrong, I do love them, I just do not like the challenging attitudes they provide me.

This week's training is going well.  I am HAPPY with this.  I think I had everything organized and prepared well ahead of time.  I think I am going to have them all trained and able to actually be on their own within the 2 weeks they are pushing me.  Typically it is 3-4 weeks but we do not have the luxury for the extra time.  We will need them on the phones actually taking calls, or at least that is what our company is predicting.

Well what are you HAPPY about?  Come join the fun at Art @ Home.  Ricki is hosting while Mamarazzi is on a break. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

UGHHH... The Parenting of Teen Age Boys

This weekend sucked royally!
Saturday late afternoon I was sick...
basically through the night as well.

Raising teenagers are tough.  
I am not sure if mine are different than others
However, they see the older ones act one way to me
and think it is acceptable to act this way.

I have never felt more frustrated in my entire life as I am now.
One of my son's being mad at both Todd and I tried to throw
things out that I shared with him to create problems with Todd and I.
Some of the things he shared was way out of context and he insinuated I do it all the time. 
I do not!.

I feel uneasy now.  I don't think it worked but I can see how Todd
would question, even though I have not betrayed what he told me in confidence.
I have not even shared here and will not.

I have been told by both boys living at home, how they hate me and hate my parenting style.
I am too strict.  They feel that I am basically punishing them for what the older ones have done.
They feel that I do not see them.

Oh, I see them.  I see them clear as day.  Yes, I am strict.  
Growing up the way I did has made me strict. 
 Do I think it is wrong.  Well NO!  
I know times have changed and that scares me even more.
I may go over board with the punishment but then my husband speaks up and I lighten it up. 
I have made some mistakes with the older ones and learn from it and adjust things.  
This doesn't mean they are being punished by no means because in some ways I am easier.
I give them a break and allow them to stay out later, yet they still do not make it home on time.
The fact they are texting me and telling me they are going to be late is suppose to make 
things fine.  But it doesn't!  Point is, be responsible.  Be home on time.

All I have to say...If being a parent means you are going to hate me well then...

Sunday's Song

I was totally baffled what song to post for my Sunday Song.  I haven't been well this weekend, so I have not accomplished everything I needed.  As I was in bed I kept thinking about what song to post this week.  My mind kept going blank, because it was focused on the anti-American protesting which is going on, the type of father my boys' have as well as the type of father my little niece has.   The type of men they are, the type of husband they are.  Once my husband came home and realized I was sick, he took care of me.  I wanted something regarding Angels...this is what I picked. I do love this band as well.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Confessional


I confess...

Although I am tired of canning, I am a little excited to can this weekend.  We are going to do some entirely new things.  I definitely will be taking pictures of the process and post them next week.

I confess...

I posted I was going to post about canning this week, but I can not find any pictures to go with my posting and I really want pictures.  I am still searching my external hard drive to see if I took any in the past but I have a lot of photos to go through... dating back to 2009.  EEECK!!!

I confess...

I am also looking forward to this weekend to start some painting on a project I expressed to Ethan for his room.  I wanted to start this while I was on vacation but never had the opportunity the last two days because we watched Taj.  I am not able to work on things like that when we watch Taj.  I have four canvases to paint and I am in hopes to have all four drawn out and one completely painted by the end of this weekend.  I am super excited for this to be completed as I know Ethan is as well.  As soon as I do, I will post about it for sure!  It was a Pinterest idea.

I confess...

Since Tuesday night, I have had some very restful sleep.  The temperatures are perfect right now.  Our windows are open and I still have the fan blowing on me.  I sleep better when I am cooler, I think it is the pre-menopause thing.

I confess...

We are going to start a new weight loss challenge company wide again.  This happened at the beginning of the year and I was not dedicated, however this time.  I AM!  I am very happy with my outcome from the department Get Fit/Biggest Loser challenge.  I won!  I lost a total of 12 lbs in 10 weeks and this was an 8% weight loss.  I am not sure if I will win out of the entire company, but it will keep me focused and challenged so... in the long run I will win.  Maybe I will be down or close to 2 sizes smaller by the end of the year.  I really want to become healthier.  I really want to be able to dance with my husband again.  I also really want to be able to go on vacation and not have to sit so often because I am winded or because of the pain in my knees.

What do you have to confess this week?  Come join in on the fun at High-Heeled Love, she is taking over for Mamarazzi for awhile.  Thanks Aubrey!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gardening 101~ How To Compost

Anyone can make a compost. It is entirely up to you how much you want to compost. You can even make a small amount just for deck gardening. The first step is to decide where you want your compost bin and how big. You can compost many ways, some will make piles, some will have it in a compost bin, some in a compost barrel. Just choose what works best for you. The bins make it a little more "neater" looking. We have more than one bin. One came from our neighbors, they chose to get rid of it and it is a very small one that they purchased.

(This picture was taken in 2009.  Behind the blue barrel is our small purchased compost bin; on the other side of the tree is our pallet crate bin we made.  Nothing fancy.)

We also made one from crates, constructing 3 sides to contain our compost. We also (and when I am saying We, I am mainly talking about my husband.) have a barrel where Todd will place the compost and roll it around from time to time to mix it. He then will add it to one of the other bins after a while.

What can you compost?
When composting you will need: Air, Water, and Temperature.

Brown Items: This is what you may consider is the fiber of the compost. It is high in carbon. This could include fall leaves, dead plants and weeds, cardboard and cardboard tubes, old flowers, old straw and hay, small animal bedding, and sawdust.

Green Items: This item will activate the heat process in your compost and is high in nitrogen. This could include grass cuttings, early weeds (prior to developing seeds or blooming), manure from chicken, rabbit, or pigeon, fruit, vegetables (this also includes scraps), coffee grounds (including the filters) and tea leaves (including tea bags.)

Other Items: You can compost is paper towels, paper bags, cotton clothing (torn into strips), egg shells, hair. All other items should be used in moderation.

Air: You can compost without air, but it will create other bacteria and will take on a sour smell like vinegar. This will also attract flies and the compost will become matted and slimy in appearance. If you feel your compost needs more air, turn it and try adding more dry brown items. You should always start your compost with a layer of brown items.

Water: You should keep your compost damp as a sponge after being wrung out. You want to make sure it does not get too much water. If your climate has a wet period, just add more brown items to add air to dry it out.

Temperature: This is very import for the decomposition process. The simplest way to track the temperature inside is by feeling it with your hand. If it is warm or hot, everything is decomposing as it should. If it is not getting hot then you need to had more green items that are high in nitrogen.
How to compost?
Well to break it down you are going to have to layer your compost with Brown Items, Green Items. You should water each layer. Once you have your layers, you will need to turn regular once a week. You will need to clear a patch next to the pile. Then use a pitchfork and move the entire pile to the clear spot. When it is time to turn the pile again, move it back to the original spot, or back into the bin. Mixing the pile in this way helps to keep air flowing inside the pile. We (again I mean Todd) mix it inside the pallet compost rotating it to the front of the pallet to the back. Turning your pile encourages the correct growth of bacteria that will decompose the pile. It is important when turning the pile to move the inside to out and top to bottom and to break up any clumps. If the green items appears too dry, add water. If too wet add brown items. If you are adding to your pile, it is best to introduce the new items while you are turning and mix well remember to sprinkle each layer lightly with water as you build the heap if it requires additional moisture. Try to keep a mixture of 3 parts brown items to 1 part green items.

What to avoid when composting?
Avoid composting cooked food, bread, pasta, and nuts because they do not break down easily and become slimy, which can slow do the heating up and decomposing.

Never composted any of these items because they will not break down and for health reasons, meat of any sort, bones, fish, fish bones, plastic, synthetic fibers, oil or fat, pet or human feces (except fro rabbits and horses), weed that have gone to seed, diseased plants, disposable diapers, glossy paper or magazines, cat liter, and coal ash.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy List


I am so worn out from canning and work.  It is the beginning of our busy season and we are getting new product to support on top of a new system being introduced.  I did not sleep well last night.  Todd had to be at work 3 am this morning so I never fell back to Happy List will be very short this week.

I am happy for my bed. Oh, just thinking about crawling into the bedding with the fan blowing on me is bringing such enjoyment.  I almost want to shriek with excitement. I am so HAPPY to be able to sleep tonight.  Seriously, that is all I have.

Okay, all though I am so freakin' tired from the canning, I am HAPPY that our garden produced so many tomatoes to wear me out.  We are canning new things this year.  I plan to blog about the canning sometime this week.

What do you have to be HAPPY about?  Come join the fun at Art@Home she is stepping in for Mamarazzi.

Tomorrow I will catch up and read all the post and catch up, but for now, I am HAPPY to say, I'm headed for bed.

Night all,

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday's Song

I am choosing this song because it makes me smile every time I hear it.  Todd and I met online a dating website.  He never posted a picture of his self, so he eventually sent me one.  It was a Christmas picture but his Mom did not do a very good job, I could not see his eyes, so he would sing this song to me.  We took a drive last night and this song came on.  He just looks at me and curls his lip and sings away.  I love you Todd.   Enjoy!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 To Do List

First off the subject, I had to make a new background for my blog.  I am not sure if it is what I want, but last night my old one just disappeared on me.  This will have to do until I find one that is really me again.

Now, with 2/3rds of the year over, I thought it was definitely time to re-evaluate where I am with my 2012 To Do List.  I have it posted on the right side as a constant reminder for me.  I also had a post back in December regarding it.

This one has been a tough one and I knew it would be towards the end of the year to be able to accomplish this one.  We are stuffed in every closet.  I have boxes from when I moved here 7 and a half years ago.  It was hard to combine two house holds.  Most of mine are still in boxes, who knows maybe it was a safety net just in case this relationship did not work.  Here I am 7 and a half years later and married to the man, I guess it is working so it is time to go through and purge what is not used or needed.  We also have boxes and bags from the four older children.  The older three have moved out and then moved back with all of their things from their apartments.  They have moved out again, this year all are on their own but they have left some or a lot of their belongings from their first move.  In other words we have 6 homes belongings stored everywhere.  The time is now!  We (Todd and I) feel so overwhelmed with everything.  Next month will be focused on the den which turned into a bedroom and now is a storage room/cat room.  We still plan to have it as a storage/cat room but more organized and purged.  I also plan to store our exercise bike there (currently in the upstairs closet) that we are no using.  I actually thought about getting rid of it on Craig's List or Play It Again Sports but then someone from work told me her friend had to use an exercise bike for part of her rehabilitation from her total knee replacement surgery AND I KNOW I will be having this done in the future, both knees so I there is a need in the next 14 years if the doctors get what they want.  I want it sooner for more quality of life again.

The shed, plain and has been way too hot to even step foot in there.  Hopefully the temps will cool down and the boys will help me, including Todd and we can knock it out in one day.  It will take the entire day too.  Our shed is the size of a very small garage and it has a loft.  I have a little bit of furniture stored in there from my apartment 7 and a half years ago.

To sum it up...I am not very far with scratching off anything on the organization list.

Well the make-over list.  It is funny I have not touched anything on this list but I did start my small living room. The boys did not even have their own rooms until  3 weeks ago so that is a work in progress.  I am not even sure if we will have Noah's painted by the end of the year same with my bedroom.  We had a financial issue come up so somethings are on the back burner for now.

Now for the finances.  I am plugging away on it.  I have to finish of the credit card and then we will combine our accounts, unless the other financial issue steps into place and we will be forced to combine sooner.

*sigh* The Me category.  Still searching for that hair style and I am working on the weight loss.  I have not even dropped one size yet but I am very close.  This will be an ongoing thing for me.  I need to drop the weight to be healthier and it will be easier on me during therapy for both total knee replacements.  Once the weight is off I plan to beg the doctors for the new knees.  I miss dancing in the worse way.  I miss being able to get down to the floor to play without pain.  I miss just plain walking without pain.

Read 3 Books
Reading, well I have started a book. I really miss reading and I am in hopes once I have some of these projects done, I will have more time for me and be able to read.  It is very sad when I only wanted to have 3 books read this year.  Other than time being a factor, I need knew glasses in order to read.  I had to wait for September for the insurance, so naturally I have an appointment now.  I can not wait.

I had to re-evaluate this one big time.  During the spring the money I had saved for my new flower bed and other outdoor items went towards our family vacation. The items in red will be for next year.  Our family vacation was too important and well worth one year delay.  I am definitely freezing and canning more veggies this year.

So there it is, my evaluation of my 2012 To Do List.  When it comes down to it, I would have to give myself a 'D' at this time.  I have a lot to cross off still.

How are you doing with your New Year's list or resolution?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Confessional

I confess…

I am so looking forward to this weekend a few days away from work. It has been very stressful. I hit my breaking point and had to go to my manager regarding my job duties. I want an equal opportunity to leave my team and to excel with my employer.

I confess…

It felt so good after I talked to her. Next week I have an appointment with my two supervisors to go over what I do and what I will be giving up if they want to continue with me being high with taking calls.

I confes…
I am a little nervous about this but I think it will be good in the long run.

I confess…

Every time I walk up the stairs or go into my small living room I smile. I am so happy with the color and can not wait for the other things to complete the room. Now I have 3 rooms in the house that are my favorite rooms.

I confess…

I found this little subway art on Pinterest that I absolutely love. I am almost tempted to make it myself to hang in my hallway. I posted it to facebook and tagged my boys and told them it is for him.

All I have to say, this is so true and AMEN!

I confess...

I WON our Git Fit/Biggest Loser competition at work.  I lost a total of 12 lbs in 10 weeks giving me 4% weight loss.  The next person was 2.6% weight loss with 2.2 lbs.  I can not believe I won the $100 pot, mainly that I had the largest percentage lost.  

What do you have to confess?  Come join Mamarazzi.

He Loves Me