Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 To Do List

First off the subject, I had to make a new background for my blog.  I am not sure if it is what I want, but last night my old one just disappeared on me.  This will have to do until I find one that is really me again.

Now, with 2/3rds of the year over, I thought it was definitely time to re-evaluate where I am with my 2012 To Do List.  I have it posted on the right side as a constant reminder for me.  I also had a post back in December regarding it.

This one has been a tough one and I knew it would be towards the end of the year to be able to accomplish this one.  We are stuffed in every closet.  I have boxes from when I moved here 7 and a half years ago.  It was hard to combine two house holds.  Most of mine are still in boxes, who knows maybe it was a safety net just in case this relationship did not work.  Here I am 7 and a half years later and married to the man, I guess it is working so it is time to go through and purge what is not used or needed.  We also have boxes and bags from the four older children.  The older three have moved out and then moved back with all of their things from their apartments.  They have moved out again, this year all are on their own but they have left some or a lot of their belongings from their first move.  In other words we have 6 homes belongings stored everywhere.  The time is now!  We (Todd and I) feel so overwhelmed with everything.  Next month will be focused on the den which turned into a bedroom and now is a storage room/cat room.  We still plan to have it as a storage/cat room but more organized and purged.  I also plan to store our exercise bike there (currently in the upstairs closet) that we are no using.  I actually thought about getting rid of it on Craig's List or Play It Again Sports but then someone from work told me her friend had to use an exercise bike for part of her rehabilitation from her total knee replacement surgery AND I KNOW I will be having this done in the future, both knees so I there is a need in the next 14 years if the doctors get what they want.  I want it sooner for more quality of life again.

The shed, plain and has been way too hot to even step foot in there.  Hopefully the temps will cool down and the boys will help me, including Todd and we can knock it out in one day.  It will take the entire day too.  Our shed is the size of a very small garage and it has a loft.  I have a little bit of furniture stored in there from my apartment 7 and a half years ago.

To sum it up...I am not very far with scratching off anything on the organization list.

Well the make-over list.  It is funny I have not touched anything on this list but I did start my small living room. The boys did not even have their own rooms until  3 weeks ago so that is a work in progress.  I am not even sure if we will have Noah's painted by the end of the year same with my bedroom.  We had a financial issue come up so somethings are on the back burner for now.

Now for the finances.  I am plugging away on it.  I have to finish of the credit card and then we will combine our accounts, unless the other financial issue steps into place and we will be forced to combine sooner.

*sigh* The Me category.  Still searching for that hair style and I am working on the weight loss.  I have not even dropped one size yet but I am very close.  This will be an ongoing thing for me.  I need to drop the weight to be healthier and it will be easier on me during therapy for both total knee replacements.  Once the weight is off I plan to beg the doctors for the new knees.  I miss dancing in the worse way.  I miss being able to get down to the floor to play without pain.  I miss just plain walking without pain.

Read 3 Books
Reading, well I have started a book. I really miss reading and I am in hopes once I have some of these projects done, I will have more time for me and be able to read.  It is very sad when I only wanted to have 3 books read this year.  Other than time being a factor, I need knew glasses in order to read.  I had to wait for September for the insurance, so naturally I have an appointment now.  I can not wait.

I had to re-evaluate this one big time.  During the spring the money I had saved for my new flower bed and other outdoor items went towards our family vacation. The items in red will be for next year.  Our family vacation was too important and well worth one year delay.  I am definitely freezing and canning more veggies this year.

So there it is, my evaluation of my 2012 To Do List.  When it comes down to it, I would have to give myself a 'D' at this time.  I have a lot to cross off still.

How are you doing with your New Year's list or resolution?


  1. I totally feel your pain on the the kids moving out and leaving stuff behind! I have boxes n' boxes of stuff from my older kids and they all say the same thing, "yeah, I'll be by to pick that up.." Then they come by and totally forget to take it with! This has been going on for yeeaars.. I'm wondering if they just want me to toss it..

  2. I can truly appreciate your list and your autumn evaluation of how things are progressing. :D

    I want to completely reorganize my kitchen and laundry room this fall. Wish me luck!


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