Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gardening 101- Community Garden

This was the first year we have also gardened in the city's community garden.
We thoroughly enjoyed it.
Well, poor Todd was the person who actually took care of the garden.
I mainly did the canning and freezing so far from this garden.
I loved going out and seeing the progress and viewing other gardener's techniques.

I also loved hearing Todd sharing conversations he had with others while he was there.
One time when I went to visit the garden, he pointed out a robin.
He told me he became friends with this robin and
expressed how smart this robin was.
He would watch people turn the soil and plant the seeds,
once the gardeners would leave the robin would
go to the fresh turned soil and find worms.

Some of the gardeners planted flowers with their veggies.
 I loved seeing the different flowers. 
Next year I definitely want to plant some from seeds in the community garden.
It would be great to have fresh cut flowers that I grew from seeds.
 I wish I had someone standing next to this plant above. 
It was the largest broccoli plant I have ever seen.
I loved how this gardener used willow branches as the trellis.
I wonder if this gardener went to the class we were at?

One person had half plot and planted nothing but sweet corn.
We are sort of debating about doing this next year as well.
It was $20 for the large plot and $10 for a small plot.
I honestly would love for our children who do not live with us any more to get at least a small plot.
I really want them to know the joy of gardening and how beneficial it is.
Shoot, I would even be willing to pay for the plot for them.
They live in apartments or homes they are renting and can not garden.

Here are some pictures from our garden plot.

The only down side with gardening here are:
*We have found some of our supplies missing.
*You do not know if someone fertilized, used insecticides, or composted the year prior.
*We never had to deal with fleas beetles before 
but we never gardened in a large field either like this.

The upside definitely out weighs the downside and we will definitely try again to get another plot.

We will definitely be participating in the community garden again.

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  1. A lovely inspiring blog, what a great idea for a country place to offer land for those wanting to grow their own things.. Im still working out, or trying to to how to link with you.. haha too old for this game, anyway, thank you for sharing in this blog. all the best J


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