Tuesday, September 18, 2012



 It has been a little different in our house, cold feeling and quiet.  Feelings have been hurt.  People feeling betrayed.  Even after everything I can find a couple of things to post on my HAPPY LIST.

Today I put on a pair of jeans I have not worn since maybe early Spring back in March.  They are a little big on me around the upper thighs and definitely big in the butt area as well as the front.  My blouse I wore is also loser in the front mid section.  I received many feed backs from co-workers today regarding my weight loss.  This DEFINITELY MAKES ME HAPPY!  Not the comments but me being able to finally see some progress.  I have not weighed in for two weeks.  I plan to on Friday and I am excited/anxious to see how many more pounds are gone.

I am also very HAPPY with my choice of man.  I do not think I could have ever picked a better man for me or a husband.  The second time around I definitely did something right.  This man goes through hell putting up with my boys' (teenager) crap.  Not that my boys are terrible but they do have moments and this weekend was a big one.  I am HAPPY even when my son tried to throw me under the bus to save his self, he did not make my husband second guess anything, treat me wrong, or even get angry with me.  The morning after the only he said to me was, "I hope you use this as a life lesson and never share anything with the boys again."  Yep, I knew that right after the words came out of the kid's mouth.  Lord, I am lucky to have him in my corner and in my life.  Some day, the boys will realize this as well, for the most part they do like him and enjoy him, they just do not like it when he steps in and helps me with regaining some order when they are giving a good fight.  This is a way a couple should be.  They should stand united.  Maybe my boys' will learn this.  Please, do not take me wrong, I do love them, I just do not like the challenging attitudes they provide me.

This week's training is going well.  I am HAPPY with this.  I think I had everything organized and prepared well ahead of time.  I think I am going to have them all trained and able to actually be on their own within the 2 weeks they are pushing me.  Typically it is 3-4 weeks but we do not have the luxury for the extra time.  We will need them on the phones actually taking calls, or at least that is what our company is predicting.

Well what are you HAPPY about?  Come join the fun at Art @ Home.  Ricki is hosting while Mamarazzi is on a break. 


  1. Your post illustrates why I think this linky is so important. No one has a perfect life (or week for that matter), but it is a healthy thing {I think} to focus on the positive. Congrats on your weight loss!

    As far as the teenage drama, been there, done that. Here is what I have to say:

    1. Teens are notorious for pitting one parent against the other. That's why it's important to ALWAYS have a united front, even if you disagree with your spouse.

    2. I think God makes teens unpleasant for a reason. Otherwise, we would never want them to leave! ;P

    Have a great week, and thanks for linking-up!


  2. Congratulations on your weight loss! Yay you!!! And the teenager stuff.. Eh.. It passes.. It's hell but it passes. :) Great post.


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