Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy List


What a busy and wonderful weekend!  It made me sooo HAPPY!
I finished painting my small living room and just looking at it makes me so HAPPY!
I added my wall hanging and clock I got for Christmas.
Here is my before picture.
And here is my after picture.
 (The pictures are not doing the color on the wall justice.
The color is Canary Grass Green.)
It is not done yet.
I still need to cover the furniture and new curtains.
We are going to paint the trim white and possibly put up white crown molding.
Just painting the room and adding the new wall hangings 
makes this room so much more inviting.
I had to move all the canning we have done from it's temporary home.
Seeing everything we have canned the month of August makes me HAPPY!
29 pints of Chili Base, 10 qts pictured but actually 11 qts canned of Stewed Tomatoes,
 15 qts pictured but actually 17 qts of Pasta Sauce canned,
 9 pts pictured but actually 10 pts of Pasta Sauce canned, 
4 pts of Pizza Sauce, 20 pts pictured but actually 21 pt of Mild Salsa Canned, 
1 qt of Mild Salsa, 12 pts of Kosher Dill Pickles, 1 qt of sliced Dill Pickles, 
and 18 pts pictured but actually 20 pts of Hot Salsa Canned.
This is what kept me from posting as much as I normally do during the month of August.

Labor Day made me HAPPY!  We saw Taj it has been a week.
He was so excited when he saw the boys, Todd, and me. 
So excited he screamed and started to shake and giggle.
He was so cute.
We also were able to spend time with all of our kids.
I love how they all get a long now.

What are you HAPPY about?
Come join Mamarazzi.


  1. Hopping over from mamarazzi...the painting came out really nice I have a sculpture of vases similar to your I love mine it hangs in my chocolate brown bathroom.
    That is some crazy canning you have there now do you have to freeze it or just pantry shelf? great job

  2. you should totally do a how to post on canning I've been wanting to learn

  3. oh and love the color of the living room beautiful

  4. I can tell the green shade better in the first photo. It looks pretty! Your wall hanging and clock compliment each other nicely. :D

    Doesn't it feel great to get projects done! Wow, you have a lot of cans for the winter. How do you know how much to prepare? I would love to learn how to can!!!


  5. Whoa! Lots to be happy for and you were BUSY! That's awesome!


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