Sunday, September 2, 2012

Todd's Birthday

While we were on vacation we celebrated Todd's 46th birthday.  It was such a shocker that he was 46 years old.  I sincerely thought he was going to be 45.  It took a couple of days for me to cope with this because that meant I was going to be 46 in December not 45 like I thought I was going to be.  Any way we did not celebrate with the girls because we went out to dinner with his Mom.  However that weekend after we did have a big get together with all the boys and girls to celebrate his birthday, well everyone but Joshua.

We made some pretty delicious things to snack and eat. Here is our first try at Salsa Verde. Everything came from our own garden. Recipe can be found in 'Recipe' tab at the top of my page.

Homemade Ice Cream. We made two batches one for the kids chocolate mint and one for us, sugar free strawberry.  Yum Yum.  The kids are always excited when Todd makes homemade ice cream.  It has been a little while because our old ice cream maker broke.  This was Todd's birthday gift this year.  Taj loved Grandpa's ice cream.
Todd made homemade fresh salsa too.  It was very very hot salsa and did not last long in our house.
I was inspired by a Pinterest recipe but did not have everything in my kitchen the recipe called for so I adapted it and used what we had.  It was delicious and something we will make often.  Click here for the recipe.

Everyone had a good time and I love it when we all are together.  I love how the kids have bonded.  It is such a good thing and warms my heart.

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  1. YUM how was the homemade salsa i've yet to find a recipe i like yet may need to try yours


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