Sunday, September 16, 2012

UGHHH... The Parenting of Teen Age Boys

This weekend sucked royally!
Saturday late afternoon I was sick...
basically through the night as well.

Raising teenagers are tough.  
I am not sure if mine are different than others
However, they see the older ones act one way to me
and think it is acceptable to act this way.

I have never felt more frustrated in my entire life as I am now.
One of my son's being mad at both Todd and I tried to throw
things out that I shared with him to create problems with Todd and I.
Some of the things he shared was way out of context and he insinuated I do it all the time. 
I do not!.

I feel uneasy now.  I don't think it worked but I can see how Todd
would question, even though I have not betrayed what he told me in confidence.
I have not even shared here and will not.

I have been told by both boys living at home, how they hate me and hate my parenting style.
I am too strict.  They feel that I am basically punishing them for what the older ones have done.
They feel that I do not see them.

Oh, I see them.  I see them clear as day.  Yes, I am strict.  
Growing up the way I did has made me strict. 
 Do I think it is wrong.  Well NO!  
I know times have changed and that scares me even more.
I may go over board with the punishment but then my husband speaks up and I lighten it up. 
I have made some mistakes with the older ones and learn from it and adjust things.  
This doesn't mean they are being punished by no means because in some ways I am easier.
I give them a break and allow them to stay out later, yet they still do not make it home on time.
The fact they are texting me and telling me they are going to be late is suppose to make 
things fine.  But it doesn't!  Point is, be responsible.  Be home on time.

All I have to say...If being a parent means you are going to hate me well then...


  1. I so feel your pain on this. I was a single mom for many years, an Italian mom at that. Strict doesn't even begin to cover it. There were 4 of them and only one of me. I had to keep the reins tight and they too hated me I'm sure altho none of them would dare vocalize it. Now they're all in college, gainfully employed, parents, home owners, business owners, productive citizens of society and they have all thanked me and apologized for being little jerks coming up. :) Its worth it. Hang tuff. :)

  2. i'm only at the the tween stage as little man is only 12 but i'm thinking as dramatic as get gets the teens years are going be an adventure

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