Thursday, September 6, 2012

Update On My Dad

I think my Dad must be born under some sort of lucky star when it comes to chances in life. Now I am not saying he is Father of the Year material, because he definitely is not, but he is my father and he has earned another chance with me and my children. He cheated death when I was born, or more like prior to me being born. He was in a coma when my Mom had me due to an accident at work. This left him a very changed man from when my mother fell in love with him. He was also in a horrid motorcycle accident when I was in Kindergarten. Once again, in a coma and this time even his mother, my grandmother, thought he was going to die. My sister, Lisa and I were able to go see him in the hospital, back then children were not allowed unless someone was dying. My grandma even bought my sister and I cute little beaded purse to put our handkerchief in for his funeral but he showed everyone he is a fighter and came through.

About 3 years ago this November, he was brought into ER by my sister, Katie and my uncle because he was bleeding. He was admitted to the ICU for several days and my sister was told that he was very fortunate that they brought him in or they do not think he would have made it due to so much blood loss. It was this point that my Dad turned around his lifestyle. He realized he wanted to live and had chosen the wrong road to go down. He apologized to my sisters and I. He even apologized to my Mom. He did everything the doctors told him to do. He quit drinking cold turkey. It took some time for me to bring down the walls I had built up because I did not want to be hurt again by him. During the time Joshua graduated, my Mom and Dad spent a couple of days at my house. It was during this visit, I really saw my Dad wanting the relationship with my boys and I. It had been a year and a half of him being sober and doing what the doctors told him. It was then I tore down the walls that protected me. I finally had the father I wanted and grandfather for the boys. This was May 2011.

In October 2011 my Dad was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. Outlook is not good and anyone who has read my post in the past is aware of this. Even with the bad outlook I kept thinking if anyone can beat this he can. Look at what he has proven in the past. Well here is his update. My previous post about him I explained how he surprised the doctors with the chemo pills shrinking the tumors in his liver and the spots in his lung disappeared however he had an aneurysm which was now a concern because it was growing. Surgery is not an option with my Dad due to his liver. Late last week he went to his Oncologist, once again the doctor told him how happy he was yet surprised with the chemo pills. (We are not fooling ourselves, we know this will not cure him. Our hopes is just to keep the quality of life going and this hope is coming true.) He then went to the specialist for the aneurysm and received more good news. They explained to him it was growing by so many inches each year and if it continues the path it is, he has 3 years before this is a true health concern.

Thanks to all who have been supportive and for the prayers and positive thoughts. Maybe it is not just the lucky star but all the positive people who have been there along the way as well.


  1. happy to here dad is doing good will continue to send love and light your way

  2. I'm also glad that your dad is doing well. You, yourself deserve alot of credit for being there after all that you have been through. Way to go to you and your family.

  3. Wow! That IS good news! You are an awesome daughter and I am happy that your dad did in fact turn his life around. People can change, not many truly do but they can and your dad is proof. :) - I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and told I had *maybe* a year to live. That was in 06' and here I am! :) God is beyond good, He is phenomenal!

  4. Thank you for sharing, my cousin! Just as you and I have both said before, if anyone can beat the odds - it is your father. And if anyone can relate to all that you said - it would be me. I am so thankful you and the boys have been able to now have a quality relationship with your father. God works in amazing ways and I am so thankful that he has given your immediate family (your mom, your dad, your sisters and you & your boys) this opportunity! I love you and your dad!!! As always, you and yours are included in my prayers. Xoxoxo


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