Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Update...Total Rambling

Okay my sweet  friends,  my new look is now complete.  I believe overall I am very happy with it.  It has more of a clean and fresh look and it is me. I love the wood rose color.  It is one of my favorite colors since reading the book and then watching the movie Thorn Birds.  It has taken many trials to complete the picture for my header; I still see some flaws with it and wished I could have included one of my craft pictures but I felt one more picture would have to actually be two more pictures because it needs to be an odd number for it to be a correct arrangement in my opinion, so no craft picture because I did not want it to look over crowded either.

I missed my Friday Confessionals yesterday.  The next few months will be very busy for me and I will try my best to post.  I may have to catch up on the weekends and schedule post for the following week.  We are beginning our busy season at work.  I have completed our first round of temps training and on Monday will begin to train the second round of temps.  I have been away from my desk more than at my desk the past two weeks with all of the training and meetings.  I was also involved with testing our new call tracking system we will be phasing in with all of our clients.  Monday will be totally crazy at work.  Several clients begin their open enrollment season, we will have a new call tracking system which we will use for only four of our clients (at least for now only four.), the first round of temps will be taking calls on their own (or at least should be), and we have several people scheduled out this week.  My team will not have me available to assist with answering calls at all due to the training. Two weeks from this Monday we will have another round of temps for me to begin to train as well.  In all, we will have 20 temps working during our peak season.  We will also be losing one of my co-workers during this time as well.  Overtime will be starting sometime in October as well and I am in hopes I will have up to 10 hours per week of it like I did last year.  It was very nice for Christmas.

Life for me will definitely be in full speed for now through the end of the year.  Once open enrollment winds down the craziness of Christmas will begin.  That is if I am still working where I am.  I sort of feel guilty for applying for a new job during the busy season, but I have not found many jobs that are 'me' to apply for as well as no cut in pay.  I have not had a raise for 3 years because I have basically topped the salary for the position I hold, although I do a lot more than a Call Center Representative description.   I would love to stay with the company I am currently because I do not want to lose my vacation and seniority, but I do not want to be stuck in this position until I retiree.  This is very difficult for me, but I am going to try any way.  Todd and I talked about it; it would be foolish for me not to try.  I need to make more money, child support is going down since two of the boys are over 18, however I still financially assist them from time to time and I never told them they had to pay me rent or for food while they lived with us up through last August.  I did not think that was right.  I just wished their father would provide the money to them until they get on their feet for the first few months while they are at their new place since they owe so much to the University from last year.  Maybe if he would assist them, they could pay this bill off sooner and start back to school again, but this is not going to happen because he only gives broken promises to them.  Well enough about him.  We all know cost of living is also going up.  The amount of food these boys eat is crazy! 

This past week Kera turned 25 years old.  We will have Taj sometime tonight so she can go out and celebrate.  He will be spending the night with us as well and sometime during the late afternoon or early morning, Kera and the rest of the children will come over for her birthday dinner.  I might even get to meet Matthew's new girlfriend.  I am so thrilled he has an official girlfriend again.  I think this is something he has needed for a while now.  He had a very hard time with the break up of his last girlfriend of four years.  It was so hard watching him spiral down the path he took, but I am very proud of him for climbing out and getting everything in order once again and now a new girlfriend is such a plus for him.  I am looking forward to having all the kids home.  It will be nice to have every single one of them.  It has been a while maybe prior to Summer because one has either been away or had to work when we do try to have all over.  I am super excited about tomorrow.

Well that is all for now, I have so many things to do prior to Taj coming over and preparations for tomorrow. I am in hopes I will be able to get it all done. 

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