Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy List


I am so worn out from canning and work.  It is the beginning of our busy season and we are getting new product to support on top of a new system being introduced.  I did not sleep well last night.  Todd had to be at work 3 am this morning so I never fell back to sleep...my Happy List will be very short this week.

I am happy for my bed. Oh, just thinking about crawling into the bedding with the fan blowing on me is bringing such enjoyment.  I almost want to shriek with excitement. I am so HAPPY to be able to sleep tonight.  Seriously, that is all I have.

Okay, all though I am so freakin' tired from the canning, I am HAPPY that our garden produced so many tomatoes to wear me out.  We are canning new things this year.  I plan to blog about the canning sometime this week.

What do you have to be HAPPY about?  Come join the fun at Art@Home she is stepping in for Mamarazzi.

Tomorrow I will catch up and read all the post and catch up, but for now, I am HAPPY to say, I'm headed for bed.

Night all,


  1. Jolene, I agree that sometimes just knowing that you will be getting a good night's sleep is total bliss. Thanks so much for linking-up to My Happy List!

  2. Sometimes the idea of laying down in my bed is all that gets me through the day. It's so comfy.

    Have a fabulous day and good luck with the new system.


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