Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Simple Joy ~ Day 11

 My quilt my mother made for me.  I love snuggling up inside it, knowing it was made out of love for me.  It has not aged very well, she used material that was not meant to be made into quilting squares.  This was her first quilt she made; it is definitely tattered and torn.  When she provided a safe haven for my boys and I, she thought she was doing me a favor while I was at work one night and washed my bedding for me.  I was fighting severe depression then and she definitely mother me.  She washed my quilt with this very dark blue blanket which bled all over my quilt.  She felt guilty but I told her not to worry.  It just a representation of her love for me.  This quilt is so full of Simple Joy!

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