Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days of Simple Joy~ Day 14

Simple Joy cuddle time.  I love to cuddle.  Ethan used to be my snuggle bug, since he turned 13 I am lucky if I ever get a kiss from the kid.  Todd warned me when we first started to date that he is not a cuddler.  I just told him well that will be a bit of a problem because I am a cuddler, so he allowed five minutes each night at the beginning to cuddle before we fell asleep.  Now, he is a major cuddler and loves to cuddle before we sleep and when we watch TV. sometimes.  My favorite is when we are laying in bed watching a movie and he snuggles up behind me and places his arm around me.  This makes me feel warm in my heart just typing this.  As I have mentioned before... I am totally in love with my husband.


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