Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Confessional


It is that time of week...confession time.

I confess..

I am starting to feel a little worn down from the change of weather.  This always happens, sinus fill up and drain, then followed by several weeks of coughing.  I am trying hard to prevent it to developing into something long term.  Due to feeling like this and the weather... my further confessions stem from.

I confess...

Sometimes I just want to run away.
You know just check out from everything for just a few days.
You know run to a place where there are beautiful waterfalls.
Where I can sit on a beach and just listen to the water falling
Or rushing to the shore.
You know where the sun is shinning and kissing your skin with just enough warmth.

I confess...

Sometimes I just want to run away.
You know just a little mental vacation.
You know just to relax and rest.
Where you do not feel guilty because you did not wash any clothing
Or cooked any meals.
You know where you can be pampered kick up your feet and rest.

I confess...

Today is one of those days just a mental vacation was wonderful.
But some day...

What do you have to confess bout?  Stop over at Aubrey's @ High-Heeled Love and confess away.  


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