Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy List / 31 Days of Simple Joy


Today's post will be a double post: My Happy List and Day 2~31 Days of Simple Joy.

My Happy List is from Sunday; we celebrated Kera's birthday.  She requested BBQ Chicken, my smashed potatoes (everyone is crazy for them.), and corn on the cob.  Corn on the cob was going to be a challenge because it is out of season.

  • Todd was able to locate some corn on the cob; however it was not the best tasting corn on the cob.
  • BBQ Chicken turned out perfect.  Everyone who ate it ( I have 3 who hate BBQ, I know!  What is their problem.  I cooked different flavored chicken breast for them.) loved it.  Both, girls wanted me to give my recipe for it.
  • As usual, the potatoes were a huge hit.
  • ALL of the children were there, all six.  We also had Joshua's room mate and Taj of course.
  • Taj showing off for Joshua's room mate.  He was tired of sitting in his booster chair and Momma would not let him down, so he scooped up two handfuls of smashed potatoes and lathered his hands up as if it was lotion or soap.  He then brought his hands up to the top of his head and smeared the potatoes from the top of his head down the front of his face.  WE laughed and laughed at him, of course only making him do this even more.
  • I loved listening, while I sat in the adjoining room, to the children talking and laughing.  That moment is a golden moment for me.  All six getting along.  All six enjoying one another company.  My oh my, we have come a long way.
What are you Happy about?  Come join in on the fun.  Ricki Jill @ Art@Home is hosting for Mamarazzi while she is on a break.

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  1. Lots of birthday dinners amongst the Happy Lists this week. Glad you had a great dinner with your entire family.

    Is there something special about your smashed potatoes? If so, would you share the recipe?

    Have a great week!


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