Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy List

I have been sick the past few days.  I actually have not posted anything since Friday. I did a pre-post for my Sunday's Song last week.  The Sinus Infection has whipped my butt big time.  I feel like I have let my friends down here and need to catch up.  I need to catch up on my 31 Days of Simple Joy as well.

My mind is not here right now.  I am having a little conflict at home and sometimes I feel caught between a rock and a hard spot.  However, I will dig deep and find my Happy List.

I am HAPPY my antibiotic is starting to kick in some.  It makes me HAPPY that Todd looks out for me and takes care of things (well some things) while I am down.

I am HAPPY Taj is regularly calling out to me by the name he has given me.  To him, I am Nana not Grandma, so Nana it will be.  I love it when he calls out to me wanting something.  His little voice saying Nana as clear as day just puts a smile on my face as I type this.  His vocabulary is just expanding so quickly.  I can not believe at times, I hear a full sentence from him.  "I like it."  "This is good."  He is such a smart little guy.  He signs to us when he wants "more" of something.  It is so hard to believe he is only 16.5 months.

I am HAPPY my overtime did not start this week, although this will hurt my Christmas budget, it does allow me to go to both Joshua's and Noah's concert this week.  I am also HAPPY because I am not feeling well enough to put in extra time.  I came home today and took a 20 minute nap during my lunch hour.

Oh one more HAPPY... When I went to the doctor I had to step on the scale.  The nurse and the doctor mentioned how great it was I am losing weight.  I have lost 21 pounds since I was in the office last.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  Now to go down even further before my next appointment in February.

Well that is all I can pull out today.  What are you Happy about?  Come join the fun.  Ricki Jill is hosting Happy List at Art@Home while Mamarazzi is on her break.


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