Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Confessional


It is FRIDAY... Confession time!

I confess...

This year's Halloween was a huge success.  Click here to see.   Todd and I went and picked up some new additions for next year.  We picked up a 3 foot Vampire Bat who will hang upside down from a twig.  It is motion activated for the red eyes to glow.  We also picked up more police caution tape, more creepy material, and another small strobe light.  We picked up another baby to add to our yard, this one is a zombie baby who is also motion activated to move around.  I doubt the baby will move around in our display.  The last thing we picked up was a prisoner costume (black and white striped) and a serial killer's face mask.  We plan to stuff the costume and use the black wig I picked up for Noah this year as the prisoner's hair and this will be the person who will sit in our electric chair that we plan to build this summer.  It is so exciting to add more.  I could not find any skeletons, so I will look online and hopefully find some less expensive.

I confess...

I had a confession that I did not confess last week.  I have to share it because...well it is so darn funny!  Here it goes.  I plan to NEVER step foot in the Subway across the street from where I work every again.  My no means is it Subway's fault.  I went to lunch there last week and had to use the bathroom.  After I left the bathroom I went to stand in a long line.  Now to stand in this line, I had to pass two cameras as well.  (Oh I was wearing a long skirt that day.)  Finally it was my turn to tell the person what I wanted. I had heard some snickering but paid no attention to it.  An older lady came up to me after I told the person I wanted a six inch Italian bread, "Ma'am, you have your skirt tucked in."  She was correct, it was tucked in.  It was so tucked into my underwear.  I was showing it all.

I confess...

I wanted to die!  Okay, maybe not die but I wanted to hide in a hole or cry.  I thought about running out but then I thought what do I do?  I just ordered the bread.  I fixed myself and then thought...Heck (okay, it was not really heck more of a curse word) Girl, suck it up.  They already saw everything, so I ordered my sandwich and still sat down and ate.  Yep, I really did.  I bet the people who were seeing everything and the security people who watch the cameras are thinking, "Thank the Lord, she does not wear thongs!"

Well now that I gave you a healthy laugh or scary vision, I think that is all I will confess this week.  How about joining in?  Aubrey from High-Heeled Love is hosting while Mamarazzi is on her break.  Check her blog site out.  HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!


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