Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy List

This week was different. Different from what we planned. We were suppose to go and do something fun, just the two of us. Todd and I that is. The boys all went up to their father's side of the family for their aunt's wedding reception.

We were going to get a room on Friday night and on Saturday go to a winery, however things changed and we did not go to the winery at all. It was still nice and made me HAPPY he carried through with our Friday night plans. It honestly looked like he was going to change them on us and I was not very happy, but he pulled it out as it should have been and made me very HAPPY.  The room we get is usually at the Ilse of Capri in Bettendorff, just off the Mississippi River.  Thanks to my Mother-In-Law, she has a lot of comps and we get the room free and typically dinner too.

source: www.yelp.com

On Saturday, I picked up the mail and handed two pieces to him which made him very HAPPY...well and me too. He did not realize that when he made his last car payment. He received his car title and paperwork from Toyota stating his car has been paid off. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, now I get to be just as HAPPY in 20 more months when mine is paid off.

All the kids came over on Sunday. I made Ethan's birthday dinner. I love it when everyone is together. Taj was showing off for all. He now knows the sign language for I Love You and was going around to everyone and showing them.

Overtime is beginning big time right now. HAPPY for extra money but not looking forward to being home later at night.

I am so HAPPY it is voting day.  I voted a couple of weeks ago but I am really ready for all the campaigning to be over with.

My list is short and I am not even sure if there is a party to join this week. If not, I might just go back to my Wednesday Woo Hoos instead   Untitled

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