Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stage 4~ 6 Months

My Dad had another CAT Scan.  The news was not good this time.  The tumors are growing larger in his liver.  My Mom took my Dad to his doctor appointment.  She asked what stage he is in.  He has had cancer for a year now and we had no clue what stage his cancer was.  Last December he had an operation where they removed his Adrenalin Gland by laparoscopy because it was full of cancer too.  The doctor looked at the information regarding that surgery since they are unable to cut him open and do a biopsy on his liver due to his liver condition.  The doctor told my parents he is in stage 4.  The type he has is the worse kind he was told and will spread quickly.  He gave my Dad six months.  My Dad is feeling great still.  He told me he is no pain at all still and was shocked when he was told stage 4 and six months.  He asked the doctor his opinion if he quit smoking again if it will help the aneurysm.  The doctor's response was, you have six months left, if it were me and I smoked, I would continue to smoke.  You have done the damage already, the aneurysm is not going to kill you, it's the cancer that is going to get you and six months will not make a difference.  His outlook is good and you never know, doctors have been wrong, maybe he will surprise him and have longer than six months.
I am just happy he is still in no pain.

I do not know what else to say.  I just had to share.


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