Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday's Song

This week I have been very disgusted with the media, television, radio, and Internet.   It makes me so sad that we still have to be divided after elections.  What is wrong with us, America?  We all have the right to vote.  Okay, if the person you voted for did not win, do not bicker about it.  It is called democracy.  I am not saying the person I wanted to win did or not, but I have accepted who we as America voted in.  Whether it is Obama or Romney I do not think it is going to lead to dooms day.  Seriously???  Both candidates had some good and both had a lot of bad, but our country is built with the decision of us Americans voting.  Move on and be united so we can over come what we need to focus on.  Quit bickering!  Become Me/Women and work with what we as a Nation have to make it is the best WE need and can be. *Stepping off my soap box now*  I am sorry to any blog friend I may have offended but  I am worried about our country.

This week's song is led from the elections and how I feel. 

I also posted a few minutes of an opening of an HBO series.  People of America should truthfully listen to it. We can be a great country again.  We need to be united and move on.  We should not be identified by who we voted for.


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