Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday's Song

I have been feeling blue this weekend.  I think it is because I am so tired.  I ended working 51.5 hours this week and the last four days my husband had to wake up at two a.m., which meant I woke up four and a half hours earlier then I needed.  I do not have the ability to fall back to sleep easily.  Yesterday was a breaking point from the exhaustion.  My house has not been picked up since I was working and Noah was having his birthday party yesterday as well, so I started cleaning early.  Today's song popped in my head while I was cleaning... comfort songs.  The first is not one of my favorites but it does make me happy.  I remember when my Mom would be cleaning on Saturday morning and this song would play on the radio.  She would always stop and dance with me and Lisa.  Every time "I love you" would be sung she would either touch my nose or Lisa.

The Beatles are my comfort music as well; heck The Beatles are every time of music to me.  This song though I listened to a lot while my parents were going through their divorce.  Enjoy!


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