Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday's Song

The following songs remind me of good times between my parents and with Lisa and I.  Amy and Katie were not born yet.  I have very few warm and fuzzy memories of my parents together but I loved Saturday afternoons when my parents played eight tracks and would dance with one another in the dining room.  Three Dog Night was always one played.

 Another band played was The Guess of my favorites.  I loved watching them slow dance with one another.

Jim Croce was another favorite of ours.

After Amy was born we played a lot of this song.  Amy was definitely Daddy's girl. I do not know why but my little sister loved this song.

My Dad is so in love with Reba...maybe it was.  I really do not know what type of music he is into now.  This was his favorite song. 

My Mom, she was into Huey Lewis.  I would tease her telling her that he was her boyfriend.

Actually there are so many other bands and singers that remind me of times with my parents and sisters.  Music has always been a big part of my life.  It was my salvation during my parents divorce.  Music and my boys were the salvation during my divorce to their father.  

I will be posting this to Monday's Music Moves me as well, hosted by XMAS Dolly.



  1. beautiful song choices love these

  2. Lovely memories for you and the songs choices are great.

  3. Yes music has a way of taking us back to a moment in time. :)


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