Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Today is a special day.  My little Ethan, who really is not very little, he is nearly six foot where is Mama is barely five foot four.  Today he turns sixteen.  I feel bad he has not taken drivers education so he can not go get his driver's license, however I do not have to worry about him driving either.  I hope I am able to get him into driver's education this summer.  I just can not believe how expensive it is for the classes now.

This year has been very tough on him.  At the end of last year's school year, his girlfriend broke up with him.  They had been together for a little more than three years.  The group of friends he had been hanging out with stopped inviting him to get together.  He has had to find new groups to hang with.  I wanted to throw him a party but he refused stating no one will show up.  I wish high school was not so rough.  I would never want to go through those years again.

Happy Birthday my sweet Ethan.  I love you!


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