Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

The month of November, on Thursday I post a Thankful Thursday in honor of Thanksgiving.

This Thursday I am thankful for having my parents around still. I know that sounds sort of corny but I am. I know this will not be the case every year. I learned to be grateful my mom is around right after her accident 3 years ago. She was hit crossing the street. The guy who hit her had to perform CPR right there on the spot. She broke her shoulder and her leg. She needed to surgery on her leg because part of the bone was crushed. She also had some crystals knocked up to the base of her optical nerve. She has short term memory problems and can not sit for very long and concentrate on things. Due to the later two issues she is no longer able to work. She moves about well but gets tired easy. My dad has cancer and has a high quality of life still. We are not joking our selves and know this will not always be the case because it is not curable but we will take as many days as we can with him being pain free still. So for these points I am thankful for having both my parents in my life still.

I am thankful for having a wonderful mother in law. The second time around I have been very blessed not only husband this time but with the mother in law too. I truly love her and she treats me with respect.

I am thankful I have a strong relationship with all four of my boys. We have our moments especially teen years but they know I will always be here for them. Matthew is now on track with his life and is working hard on paying his college debt to be able to enroll again in college. He is in hopes it will be just one year off but he is working on it. He also has a girlfriend who is treating him correctly. This is a good thing for him as well. Joshua has a full time job now and he is working part time. He has a lot of debt for someone who is only 19. Thankfully he understands now and is working off the debt and hopefully in a year he will be able to go back to college as well. He is loving his new full time job at the plasma center. Ethan, has realized the world is not always against him, you know how teenagers can be. He is learning to deal with his anger and seems to be happier other than the loss of several friends. I wish I had a magic wand to help my children when they are down. Noah, seems to be adjusting to junior high better than I feared. He still is a little immature for his age but he is doing an outstanding job in school right now. He will be hitting the age I hate so much in just a week... 13. I do not know what it is about this age the child becomes an alien. I have accepted this and I hope this will make it easier on me. I am also thankful I have a stronger relationship with my step daughters. I can not say this has always been the case. It was rough starting with Kera but I feel we have a great relationship. The youngest, Emily has matured a lot and I am very proud of her and love the fact whenever she leaves she will hug me and tell me she loves me. It makes me feel warm inside.

I am thankful to have a supporting husband. He truly loves me and looks out for me. He has moments that make me think... "What is he thinking of?" but he then takes a second thought about the situation and realizes what he has done and tries to rectify what he did wrong. He looks out for me and tries to make my life easier. Sometimes he makes it a little more difficult because he has less patience with the younger boys. This because he has watched how they have treated me over the years and feels they should know better. He is right on many levels but of course the children do not see this. I just think how much better my life would have been if I met Todd first, but then I would not have learned the lessons I did from my first marriage, I would not have the boys I do, and he would not have learned the lessons he learned from his first marriage as well. I guess if I could have anything, I just wish I was as limber, active, energy, and the size I was when I was younger but the knowledge I have now...but then again, don't we all.     Untitled

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