Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today will be a post about Taj.  I am very thankful for our first grandchild.  Taj was born early and was a little tiny at the beginning.

I wanted to wait to post or introduce Taj although I have posted several things about Taj.  I even posted a "Thank you Kera" you can read it by clicking HERE.

I have to admit I was worried for Kera when she told me she was pregnant.  I was worried because her boyfriend was not dependable and even though she said she could do it on her own, she had no clue how much work it will be and what she was getting into.  It is really hitting her now that Emily is not living with her and Taj is more active as well.

Taj was a little jaundice when he was born and was kept in the hospital a little longer because of it.

We all fell in love with Taj right from the beginning.  Noah was a little afraid to hold him at first because of how small he was.  Taj was born about a month early and was under five pounds when he was born.

Kera is very lucky because he was a good baby.  He rarely cried.  I started to sing "Patty Cake", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and "I'm a Little Tea Pot" at an early age to name a few.  He loved any type of interaction and I would provide it with him whenever he was over at our house.  He would love to snuggle up when he was tired and let me rock and sing him to sleep.  He sucks his pointer finger and middle finger when he is tired and rub his or the person who is holding him ear.  He will go up to the little kids at the Day Care School and rub their ears too.  He has this thing with people's ear lobes.  He used to try to suck on his Grandpa's when he was very little, but only did this with Grandpa.

Taj loves to interact with his uncles and aunts.  I can just speak on those that live in my house, he has a special relationship with Ethan and Noah because he sees them more.  I believe he has a special relationship with Emily as well because he lived with her up until a few months ago.  I love watching him interact with Ethan and Noah.  He will sit down and copy them or babble as if he is joining in on the conversation.  I love how the boys react back as if he really is joining.  He has everyone wrapped around his little finger, even the older boys.  He is everyone sunshine and has blended the family as one.  This makes me so very happy.

Taj is nearly 18 months and is picking up words daily.  He can count to five, he knows how to say 'more' in sign language for several months.  This is how he tells us if he wants more of something.  He also learned how to say "I Love You" in sign language as well.  It is so cute to watch him.  He sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider" now, not all of the words but enough for you to know what he is singing without you watching his hand motions.  He absolutely loves to play Ring A Round The Rosy with the boys, especially Ethan.  He loves the outdoors.  He loves to run around our yard and he tries his hardest to get into the garden with Grandpa.  He is definitely Grandpa's little buddy.  He loves books.  He makes monsters growls with his fingers curled out every time he growls.  He knows the sound monkey's make.  Taj loves laughter.  He loves to make people laugh and he loves to join in when someone is laughing.

I think his favorite thing right now is cooking with me.  If he thinks I am cooking he will toss whatever and run full speed to the kitchen so he can help me.  He knows any time I get the pitcher out for Kool-Aid he gets to help and is standing and waiting as patiently as 16 month old can wait at the sink for me to pick him up.  He knows he gets a long spoon to help stir and he gets to help add the water.  Recently I have him pouring in anything from a box into the pot as well.  Some day Taj will be on Top Chef and he will tell the world, his Grandma or Nana as he calls me, inspired him to be a chef.  Look for a cute guy who loves to flirt with women named Taj.



  1. What asuper grandma you are, Nana is a lovely name and one we called my father's mother.. he was so very little, but look at him now, such a big bouncy happy boy... you all must have done something right to have such a lovely boy amongst you!!! And when he does become the Chef, I'm sure he will mention how you taught him first!!! many hugs for you all from rainy rainy cold England!!janzi

  2. My twins were 7 weeks early, 3 # 5 oz and 4 # 3 oz. They are 16 now, and doing just fine. But you know that! Taj is looking as handsome as ever! I know he's brought you much joy. My favorite pic of him is when he's dressed up as a lion for Halloween. That's just too cute!


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