Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Will You Be My Friend?

It is crazy at work lately with our busiest time of the year.  Our supervisors are trying to make things fun for us and we have had theme days.  Now I have been there nearly eight years and I have never participated.  I typically say, "Oh I am going to do this." or "I am going to do that." just to make people laugh.  This time our theme was "Will you be my friend if...?" I told two of my co-workers I was going to be a redneck and told them some of the things I wanted to do.  Again they laughed at me thinking I would not carry through.  I surprised them and myself and did this time.

I took Noah's wig from Halloween.  *check *
I told them I was going to get an old cap.  *check*
I told them I was going to find something to block my tooth. *check, I used a raisin.*
I told them I was going to wear an old dingy t-shirt. *check*
I told them I was going to wear a flannel shirt over it. *check*

I did not tell them I was going to stuff my shirt with a pillow trying to give the impression of a beer belly and carry a 24 oz of Keystone Light.  I also never told them that I was going to put my powder make up in my back pocket making it look like chew in my back pocket.

I would walk up to them and ask, "Will you be my friend?" and scratch my butt. I had everyone laughing some even ended up crying from laughing so hard.  People did not recognize me at all.

So, would you be my friend?  *scratch scratch*


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  1. I posted the other day after I saw your very funny picture but it doesnt seem to have registered... It made me laugh out loud... you have a great sense of humour and I love reading about all your escapades... Have a very happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy all the people that you meet that day... hugs from across the pond.Janzi*******


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