Saturday, December 29, 2012

Belated Birthday Dinner

Last night Todd took me out for my birthday.  We wanted to try something different and new.  We ended up going to Cedar Ridge Winery near Cedar Rapids.  I have never been to a winery before other than the Amana Colonies a couple of years ago.  Todd had been to this one a few years ago when his supervisor retired.

The atmosphere was delightful.  We first tasted a few wines.  We are just learning the wine tasting and trying to find the one we like.  We ended up buying a bottle of Edelweiss.  This was one of their semi-sweet white wines.  In 2011 it won gold in Mid-American Wine Competition and is made 100% from the estates grapes.  We were told it has a peachy/apricot finish but to be honest I could not tell.  I just liked it the best. 
I have plans for this empty bottle too.  The "E" is also for Evans.  I plan to drill a hole towards the bottom and put white Christmas lights in it then place it in the kitchen.  It will be a lovely reminder of our dinner that night.

We chose to sit in what they call the event center because there was music entertainment last night as well.
Only it was prettier at night and they had white table cloths on all the tables with on pillar candle which and a ribbon and bow around it.  I loved the ambiance of the night.  We chose to have an appetizer: house smoked salmon with remolaude and baguette.  I must say, this was the best appetizer Todd and I have ever made.  I am going to try my very best to make my own rendition of the remolaude so we can have it again.  The actual meals are limited but perfectly fine. I heard people say they have outstanding pizza so that is what we had.  The pizza is a wood-fired pizza and not the standard pizza at all.  We ended up ordering, Prosciutto which is LaQuercia prosciutto, mushrooms, arugula, truffle oil.  The crust was closer to the thin side but not thin and definitely lived up to all the praises I have heard. 

We definitely plan on returning.  They have a Sunday brunch we have heard is one of the tops as well.  I think next time I want to go when it is summer time so I can take pictures of the beauty of it all as well.  I think the vineyards lush with green leaves that surround the building will be breath taking among the hills.


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